I teach with some regularity on worship being a lifestyle (singing/celebrating with the body of Christ is just the ‘tip of the iceberg’, so to say). And though I do fully believe that, I’m also convinced that the musical aspects of ‘worship’ are a very important part of aiding the Church in loving the Lord with our minds (lyrical content) and hearts (good music strongly affects our emotions), which in response often affects our spiritual lives and actions (soul & strength, respectively).

For some, it’s easy to criticize ‘contemporary’ worship. I used to be the ‘critic’. I’ve discovered, however, that most of my issues with ‘contemporary’ worship music were just that: my issues Read the rest of this entry »


I’ve been processing from the last few Christian worship ‘concerts’/events I’ve been to.

Now, I’ve seen a lot of bands live in my lifetime – upwards of 3,500 (I worked as a guitar tech and merch guy at music festivals for 7 years in a row, and used to study in college at a concert venue – and I just like live music): as a result of that, and my age, it’s not really incredible musicianship that impresses me – it’s creativity, great songs, and the ability to move people – to change hearts – to realign people’s passions. I go to these shows not only to be personally moved, but to take ‘mental notes’ – to assess what they’re doing ‘right’, and how I can ‘hone’ my skills as both a performer and a corporate worship leader. Read the rest of this entry »

This is an older blog from my personal site that I thought some on this list might find relevant…

A few thoughts that have been brewing for a number of months, and have been regularly confirmed by other long-time, local worship leaders… Read the rest of this entry »

As a Christ-follower (a rather flawed disciple of Jesus), my life is a response (what I do) to His work (what He has done and is doing): of creation, of sustenance, or rebirth, of enlightenment, of salvation, and sanctification. How I respond to God IS WORSHIP – that is what tells the world how valuable He is – what declares His worth. Of course, that’s far more than just singing a song – in fact, it is possible to worship God and NEVER SING, but as a people who – in order to fully experience a truth need to LIVE it – singing/making music to the Lord is for OUR BENEFIT… it doesn’t ‘usher’ in God – he’s omnipresent, and – for believers- already present by his Spirit on the inside…but it does change us, letting us experience – or making us more aware of the experience of – His Spirit in our midst. Here are a few Biblical guidelines for what singing to God could look like Read the rest of this entry »

Worthy? I’m not.

July 27, 2007

So, yet another blog on worship, and leading worship? Do we really need that?

Probably not. And for what it’s worth, my opinion probably doesn’t count for that much – my personal worship of God is inconsistent, and imperfect – I lead worship by grace, just as I am saved by grace, and I am always surprised – very regularly surprised – to find that God so often intervenes and meets me where I am during worship, drawing me nearer, and deepening my passion for Him.

So, though I’m not worthy, God is. I don’t proclaim to be saying anything new, but if anything in this blog serves as a healthy reminder, pointing you back to a truth you’ve forgotten or somehow overlooked, it’s worth my time.

I hope this blog serves as both a challenge and encouragement to you.

Be blessed!