Worthy? I’m not.

July 27, 2007

So, yet another blog on worship, and leading worship? Do we really need that?

Probably not. And for what it’s worth, my opinion probably doesn’t count for that much – my personal worship of God is inconsistent, and imperfect – I lead worship by grace, just as I am saved by grace, and I am always surprised – very regularly surprised – to find that God so often intervenes and meets me where I am during worship, drawing me nearer, and deepening my passion for Him.

So, though I’m not worthy, God is. I don’t proclaim to be saying anything new, but if anything in this blog serves as a healthy reminder, pointing you back to a truth you’ve forgotten or somehow overlooked, it’s worth my time.

I hope this blog serves as both a challenge and encouragement to you.

Be blessed!


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