Worship Textfessional for 8-26-07, St. Simons Community Church

August 27, 2007

This was a strange Sunday, I admit it. I felt as though I got everything I wanted this past Sunday, except for God showing up and giving us all a glorious Holy Spirit whooping. I had really been hoping to utilize several members of our youth band some Sunday soon, as it had been a while since we’d had a ‘youth Sunday’ at church, and our Inside Out Band has been in ‘top form’ as of late, and I really enjoy the opportunity to lead with them. So, I was really excited when I discovered that a couple of our ‘1st Chair’ Sunday morning musicians would be unavailable that week. It also worked out, since our primary Inside Out Band drummer was unavailable, that I was able to invite Saint Lewis‘s drummer, Jaimie, to sit in with us – I consider him one of my better friends, and since he and I were raised in the same ‘musical era’, our tastes and styles compliment one another quite nicely. That’s just to say: I love playing with him!

So, there I was, with a line-up of musicians and vocalists I am very comfortable with, and so it comes to the songs. There has been a moderate ‘reigning in’ of us worship leaders from introducing too many new songs, which I fully understand, as there has already been a lot of change in the ‘worship department’ of our church these past few months, and introducing too many new songs, with all the other changes, could just intimidate our congregation. However, I have a LOT of songs that I introduce to the youth that are VERY GOOD, and that I’m very passionate about, and have wanted to bring before our adults on a Sunday morning. Thankfully, since it had essentially become a ‘youth Sunday’, these new songs were what our youth team were most familiar with, so we decided to mix in a few familiar songs with a new-to-Sunday-morning Walk-in, Special Music, and Walk-out music! The best of both worlds!

We opened with ‘walk-in music’. “My Savior Lives”, as recorded by New Life Church & the Desperation Band, was led by Aaron, one of our youth, age 16. He did a very good job. Though our first service seemed a bit taken aback, as the song was quite a bit ‘louder’ (not in volume, so much as electric guitars & energy – it was truly a ‘rock song’) than what they may have been accustomed to, the other services seemed to enjoy it, and by the 3rd service people were spontaneously clapping along. Afterward I introduced us as “the youth band” and at the first service offered up a quick “we promise not to hurt you”. Hey – I thought it was funny! I dropped that from the later services, for fear I might offend someone.

We started the corporate worship with a current church favorite, “Everlasting God” by Brenton Brown. Though it’s not terribly deep, lyrically, what is there lyrically is profoundly true, and it’s a catchy, singable tune, that’s very fun to play as a band. Apart from Charlie Hall’s “Marvelous Light” this is one of my very favorite songs to lead on Sunday morning.

Now, let it be known that, apparently, I was supposed to introduce a short video clip related to our message that day “Reach Out” – instead, I accidentally, after a few quick announcements, encouraged everyone to greet one another, and before the video guy could cue up the clip, and I had already broken into the old hymn that Passion had so wonderful revived, “I Stand Amazed (How Marvelous)”. Though I hate to say it, even though I love the song, for fear that my friend Mandy might use it to further her case that hymns are better than modern worship songs, “I Stand Amazed” was by far the song that seemed to connect most deeply with our church that Sunday: the room volume must have jumped 10 decibels just from the voices in the room. It was beautiful.

Having asked everyone to sit, we debuted our youth group’s theme song, Hillsong United’s “From the Inside Out”, while a slide-show showcasing various areas of outreach and service available within our church played on the screens. It was a little hard to gauge the response to the song, so I was quite surprised at how engaged the congregation was when we brought the song back in a corporate reprise after the sermon. They were SINGING! I think that was a very encouraging moment for both the band and I, as I had my doubts as to how the song would be received. Fred – I suggest we do it again sometime soon!

Lastly, as a ‘send out’ and a challenge to our congregation, we closed with another new-to-Sunday-morning tune, which Aaron also led: “Let us Be” by Robbie Reider, a great recent Vineyard song about being the hands and feet of Jesus.

It was a good morning – especially after listening to the recording of the 11 AM service, which was one of the best sounding Sunday services I’ve led at St. Simons Community Church (cudos to Fred McKinnon, who is not only an accomplished worship leader, but also very skilled behind the board). Apart from the ‘sound’, and how well the songs were ‘received’ by the congregation, I do wish I had spent more time in prayer – prayer for those coming that morning – prayer for our hearts as we lead. I felt just a little spiritually disconnected that morning, partially, I believe, due to the fact that I had a busy week, and a number of small discouragements (for instance, the transmission had just fallen out of one of our cars days before, only about a week since we had gotten our other vehicle out of the shop). Even though ‘revival’ didn’t break out in any noticeable way, I felt as though we were faithful to God’s call for the morning, and what happened was what was on God’s agenda – that’s really all we can ask for.


3 Responses to “Worship Textfessional for 8-26-07, St. Simons Community Church”

  1. what happened to the chants?
    glad to hear “I Stand Amazed” was a hit…. i won’t tell anybody! he he!

  2. klampert said

    I love let us be…we practiced that last week…gonna have to do that one soon…great text-fessional man.

  3. Fred said

    It was a great Sunday … and I believe folks connected. You are right about “I Stand Amazed” … it’s a great hymn, and I’ve noticed it’s one of Harriet’s favs too, so they are used to hearing it and singing it.

    The video skip-o-rama was a piece of cake and was easily remedied … and you failed to give the funniest part of the entire service .. the tech screwup on the video w/ the funny voices, haha!

    Time to get ready for RUSH-HOUR now!


    PS: glad you liked my mix … the vocals would be better if I knew their voices better!

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