Worship TextFessional for 8-28-07, ELEVATE

August 29, 2007

Wow. This is proving to be a very busy week.

Monday afternoon my friend Ben called me and asked if I would be willing to lead his team on Tuesday night at Elevate, a local college ministry run by the Gathering Place. Since I love any opportunity to worship and lead worship, I jumped on it.

After breaking a string during sound-check, I restrung my main guitar during our short break, and decided to lead off with my back-up, while the new string ‘settled in’.

Walk In: Saving Grace (Vineyard/Steve Jones)
– Capos are such a blessing and a curse. I started the song having set the capo to the wrong fret. Sure glad Carlos over at Ragamuffin Soul didn’t get a recording of it, else it’d be all over the internet – and if Fred got his hands on it he’d probably end up a finalist in some competition for it (inside joke – read the later comments on that blog – trust me, it’s funny). Anyway, “Saving Grace” is a song that I predict will be all over Christian radio within the next two years – that seems to be about how long it takes the really powerful songs to catch on – see “Sweetly Broken”, which I’ve been leading out since late 2005.

We then invited everyone to join us in corporate worship. The set:

1. Happy Day (Tim Hughes)

2. Sweetly Broken (Jeremy Riddle)
– “Sweetly Broken” still shows itself to be a powerful corporate song in youth & college aged services, and was the song that seemed to capture the hearts of those gathered that night the most. At the very end of “Sweetly Broken” we spontaneously went into Matt Redman’s “Blessed be Your Name” a capella – given the events over the past few days (particularly the local auto accident resulting in the untimely death of someone close to many here), it seemed appropriate.

3. From the Inside Out (Hillsong United)

4. Let Your Kingdom Come (Sovereign Grace Music)
– This was an exciting song for me, as it not only directly related to Corey’s teaching on prayer, but is a personal favorite that I’ve been wanting to introduce for some time. The band NAILED it, and the room – surprisingly – seemed to catch on to it’s uber-Biblical lyrics fairly quickly, especially the catchy chorus. I’m really looking forward to utilizing this song at our Inside Out youth environment later this Semester. Oh yeah – I broke a string on my back-up guitar mid-song, but was able to quickly swap guitars while the band kept playing – glad I restrung my main one!

After Corey delivered a brief teaching and facilitated a discussion on prayer, we went into our closing set.

5. Center
– note to self: sing this in a MAN’S key next time. I guess I deserve it for using another persons’s – a woman, none-the-less – chord chart, instead of taking time to rework it as my own. Oops.

6. Marvelous Light

Overall, the evening was a success, though it was challenging working with a team I’m not so comfortable with, having had very little rehearsal time for the evening, though thankfully I’ve worked with the drummer regularly for quite some time (the most important link in any band, in my opinion). Since I’m also leading tonight at Inside Out, I’m feeling in many ways thankful that the Saint Lewis concert on Saturday got canceled. I think that would’ve just been too much, as I’m already feeling great strain on my voice.

Well, till tomorrow’s TextFessional…blessings


8 Responses to “Worship TextFessional for 8-28-07, ELEVATE”

  1. Fred said

    Thanks, man!

    What key did you do “Center” in … Kim does it in “D” .. I find “E” is better …


  2. saintlewis said

    D, Kim’s key.
    You’re right, E, but possibly even C, would’ve worked far better for me. I mean, I could hit the notes, but they hurt, which isn’t ‘best practice’, I’m sure.

  3. you have such a range!!! you could pull it off in probably any key…
    D works for me too.

  4. klampert said

    great set man….I do center in E as well…marvelous light in G rules…

    I want to do inside out but a congregation key is hard…what are you doing it in?

  5. Peter Park said

    Thanks for sharing your set. It’s so cool when worship leaders explain their heart and excitement for each song.

  6. saintlewis said

    Man, I do “Marvelous Light” in B – lot’s more energy, for some reason.
    We sing “From the Inside Out” in C – not too hard to sing, but the range of the song is pretty wide – but not in comparison to some of their other songs, like the nearly unsingable “Shout to the Lord”.

  7. Russ said

    you are a string breaker aren’t you!?

    That’s what happened the only time I’ve been graced by your presence!

    Keep it up!

  8. saintlewis said

    Tis true. I strum too hard, which I make every effort to focus on, but when I get excited ‘SPROINK’! Of course, it also doesn’t help that I’m out of my D.R. Sunbeams, which usually last me about 1 month per set – I was using Elixers – they break if you look at them funny; very sensitive types.

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