Worship TextFessional for 8-29-07, INSIDE OUT YOUTH MINISTRIES

August 30, 2007

This is the last of my machine-gun fire Worship TextFessionals: 3 in 4 days!

Last night was our first ‘normal’ INSIDE OUT meeting of the Fall Semester. INSIDE OUT is the High School youth ministry of St. Simons Community Church.

Walk in: Saving Grace (Steve Jones/Vineyard)
– finally introduced one of my very favorite songs of the past few years. I like it not only because of the musical variety – the chord progression is fairly simple (even if the key isn’t), and it has great dynamics – but also because of it’s truth, and desperate honesty. There are times when I struggle to sing “I will always love You”-style lyrics, but the line “but from You I have wandered so far away” – that’s something I can almost ALWAYS relate to. I may be ‘Saint’ Lewis, but this saint still struggles with indwelling sin, and this is the sort of song with lyrics that deeply resonate with me, as much of the newer Vineyard music has done. Next week we’ll be introducing this within the main body of corporate worship, and I hope we’ll be singing this for a while to come.

After a video overview of our Nashville Mission Trip, and a quick welcome, we jumped into our time of corporate worship.

1. Happy Day (Tim Hughes)
– we may have shot out of the hole with both guns firing on this one, but one of those guns was HORRIBLY out of tune. Of course, we kept right on rolling through it, and had a good laugh in the meanwhile.

2. O Taste & See (Johnson)
– for those of you who haven’t yet discovered Brian & Jenn Johnson for yourselves, I encourage your to check our their c.d. “We Believe”. Probably one of my top c.d.’s in the ‘contemporary worship’ genre over the past few years, and “O Taste & See” is the standout. Great song. I really had to restrain the band during rehearsal, however – they were very tempted to make it ‘hardcore’, which REALLY just wouldn’t work.

3. You never let Go (Matt Redman)
-My wife Cyle started this one on the keys using a Rhoades sound, like Redman’s studio version, which I tend to prefer to the Passion recording. Aaron, one of our youth, led the song vocally and did a great job, singing with conviction. We camped on this song for quite some time. Though not as powerful as “Blessed be Your Name”, this is one of Redman’s better songs and I honestly can’t understand why it hasn’t yet caught on more widely.

Jon, our youth pastor, guided our youth in a time of sharing. Several youth shared how God had blessed them over the Summer, and some that they feel God leading them into the ministry, yet the most powerful moment of the night for me is when one of our youth shared their own brokenness and requested prayer. THAT is what the body of Christ should look like!

4. From the Inside Out (Hillsong United)
– ‘Changed Lives’ has been a theme throughout our whole church over this past months and tonight was no different. I can’t think of a more appropriate song, where-in the bridge is a desperate plea: “consume me from the inside out, Lord“. Yet again, we camped on this song for a while. It was a blessed time – I nearly cried, seeing our youth so clearly engaged with God.

No, our band wasn’t perfectly tight – we made our share of mistakes over the evening, but God made His presence known among us, and hearts were moved towards God. It was an encouraging evening indeed.

Thank you Daddy, for showing us just a little bit more of Yourself. Thank you.

Thank you also for protecting me from breaking any strings, as I had no extras! 😉



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  1. Fred said

    Shannon …

    I had lunch w/ Jon today .. and HE said it was awesome!


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