Reading Resources for the Worship Leader

August 31, 2007

For my personal growth and development as a worship leader I’ve been doing a lot of reading these past few months. These books are my personal ‘top picks’:

the Unquenchable Worshipper by Matt Redman
Passion…pure passion. This book is mandatory reading for anyone serving ‘under me’ on a worship team, and I’ve given out 25+ as gifts in the past 3 or so years. It primarily deals with the ‘heart issues’ of leading worship. I LOVE IT! His book “Facedown” is also very good.

the Complete Worship Leader by Kevin J. Navarro
With Scheer’s “Art of Worship”,this is the most helpful book on leading worship I’ve come across, and I’d encourage any and all to read it. He’s also recently published “The Complete Worship Service” which is on my ‘to read’ list, and which I suspect is also very helpful.

the Art of Worship by Greg Scheer
I am currently reading this for the second time and it is ESSENTIAL reading for all worship leaders/pastors…VERY practical, especially if you’re in a church that is transitioning between styles or musicians. Incredibly helpful. Though this is was more interesting to me, it is also more in-depth, which is why I normally suggest reading Navarro’s book first.

Created for Worship by Noel Due
Though not nearly as engaging as the fore-mentioned titles, Due’s book is thoroughly Biblical, covering the whole witness of the Scriptures, and is helpful in getting ‘the Big Picture’ of what worship is from God’s view. This is a much easier read that David Peterson’s “Engaging with God”, also on the same topic. I honestly think that anyone reading only the personal and practical material (the first 3) would be sorely lacking a full-orbed Biblical picture of worship if they did not balance those studies with either this book, or one like it – a Biblical Theology of worship.

If you’re a new, or long-time worship leader looking to deepen your worship and improve your craft, I encourage you to purchase all four of these books, as together they form a very well rounded canon on contemporary music ministry.

5 Responses to “Reading Resources for the Worship Leader”

  1. Shannon,
    Which one of those is it that you’ve kept telling me about?


  2. GREAT BOOKS! i haven’t heard of created for worship – i’ll have to check that one out.

  3. saintlewis said

    Altogether, “The Art of Worship” has been the most helpful to me as of late (which is why I’m re-reading it): that’s why I keep mentioning it. All of them are great, but Scheer’s is my current ‘flavor’. 😉

  4. Peter Park said

    Thanks for the book recommmendations. It’s so hard to know which books are full of God’s anointing Spirit.

  5. Amanda said

    Thanks for this list. I’ve been wondering about the Navarro book, & it’s been on my list for a while! Of course, the rest are or will be on my list soon too! 🙂

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