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Thank you so much for your prayers – I am feeling SIGNIFICANTLY better, though still mediocre at best. A little throat swelling/soreness, and really tired (in spite of sleeping straight from Monday through Thursday morning!), but better. I hope to be in top shape by Sunday A.M., since I’m playing acoustic and leading 2 songs for Church in the Park that morning!

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Prayer Request

September 26, 2007

I have strep.

I don’t just ‘have strep’, but all the other times in my life that I was told by the Doc that I had strep must not have been if THIS is also strep: I feel like death warmed over. Not since getting having Pneumonia so bad that I couldn’t get out of bed have I felt this awful.

It’s like combining 1.) a horrendously puncture ear drum with 2.) chewing on and gargling razors and 3.) lighting my body on fire while sitting on an ice-block, all wrapped up into one delightful multiple-day vacation from work.

Please pray for my healing, and soon.

p.s. – a quick side-note: I am currently praising God for Traditional Medicinal’s THROAT COAT TEA – it’s absolutely incredible.

Do yourself a favor and check out Bob Kauflin’s very insightful blog over at Worship Matters:


Crowder has a Remedy

September 25, 2007

I’ll admit it. I don’t have the new David Crowder c.d. I honestly can’t afford it (meaning, that it wouldn’t be wise to buy a c.d. while one of my cars is missing its transmission). This is, however, the first David Crowder c.d. I have ever really ‘anticipated’. Why, do you ask? Well, I could tell from the outset that Crowder had done enough experimentation on the last few c.d.’s and was probably ready to settle down and record a semi-accessible collection of worship music, which – having heard it in its entirety through various online sources – this is. This is Crowder ‘cleaned up’ – discarding any mid-song silliness, or between song, seemingly early-Pink-Floyd inspired, madness. Just beautiful, well written, well arranged, well produced solid worship music. Praise God – that is what I was waiting for! Read the rest of this entry »

I wish I had written this…

September 24, 2007

I do wish that I had written this, not because I agree with every word (though he makes a few good points), but because I’ve passed through this phase and understand where this man is coming from. I think it’s important to keep in mind that there are a great number of folks that feel this way (particularly many men) within our congregations, and we need to keep in mind that this is a segment of the folks we are ministering to as well. So, here you go ‘worship leaders’: I am not in love with Jesus by John Stackhouse.

p.s. – you need to read through the responses as well.

As you may or may not know, though this is my primary blog, I have 2 other blogs besides this one. I try to post on topics explicitly of importance to worship leaders/music ministers here at this one. However, the other two, I feel, are important to the proper worship of God as well – though it may not be immediately clear to some – which is why I started them as separate blogs. Read the rest of this entry »

GoodReads is a great way to manage your bookshelves, direct others to new resources, and let people know what you think of what you’re currently reading, and have read. A book that just came to my attention via GoodReads and is quickly climbing my ‘must-read’ priority list is Harold Best’s “Unceasing Worship.” Read the rest of this entry »

There is something to be said for a not shrinking back from asking the hard questions.

Today I stumbled upon an old music video.  I was there the first time it was shown in public – it was at a Film Festival in Athens, GA – the video was shown at the 40 Watt.  I think I cried.  I fought back the tears just now while watching it – and listening – again.
Here is “Resplendant” by Bill Mallonee & the Vigilantes of Love…I’ve loved this song for many years, and it doesn’t grow old.  Sit quietly and just take it all in.  Very powerful.

For starters, let me suggest, if you are at a larger church with multiple worship environments, leaders, and teams, that those leading the various environments communicate regularly – it’ll help you to avoid scheduling the same musicians in different environments at the same time, which we just narrowly avoided this week, thanks to the wonders of text-messaging and Planning Center Online, which takes me to another issue entirely: it may be possible to convince me of the legality and even importance of human cloning, especially as it relates to good drummers. 🙂 Read the rest of this entry »

Just stuff…

September 14, 2007

Fred McKinnon, the Music Director at St. Simons Community Church, has posted a very interesting continuation of The Original Mudpuppy‘s blog on how one becomes a ‘professional worship leader’. Knowing this would be of interest to some of my readers, I had to pass that along.  It has the potential to be a very interesting discussion.

Over at (again, thanks Fred), is an excellent post; 8 Things I think every Worship Leader should Know with Lee‘s excellent response (that’s Perry’s worship pastor), 7 Things Worship Leaders wished their Senior Pastor Knew. I think both articles are spot-on and well worth reading.

Lastly, Vineyard Music has a new download available – the excellent “All I Have” from Vineyards newest, Stand in Awe. Not only can you download the song for free, but also its’ chord-chart. Now, give me one good reason why you wouldn’t do this? That’s what I thought.

I hope you have a beautiful weekend!

BLOG TAG (courtesy of elBen)

September 12, 2007

So I don’t usually do these things. I barely can find time to blog as it is, and usually my blogs are pieced together and saved repeatedly over the course of a week, until my thoughts are together enough to unleash upon the world. However, not one to pass on a challenge, I took up elBen on his.

“Ten Things, Random or Significant (mostly very significant) that have happened in my Life.” Read the rest of this entry »

Today I heard Jennifer Nettles’ newest song on the radio while driving in to work. At first I didn’t recognize her voice (she’s the lead vocalist of Sugarland), but was immediately taken with the song. When I heard her name, however, a huge grin came across my face. You see, I remember when Jennifer was one of ‘us’ – not a ‘rock star’, but a struggling musician in the dingy rock-clubs of Athens, GA. At the time I was new to town, and ‘the new guy’ at the Flagpole music journal. There was a c.d. that had just been released that was so terribly un-hip that no one at the Flagpole would touch it with a ten foot pole: Soul Miner’s Daughter “The Sacred & Profane”. The staff there encouraged me to tear it to bits, and sincerely – it was bad. However, in the midst of the average musicianship, mediocre songwriting, revolting sexual imagery, and poor production there was a shimmer of something beautiful: there were moments where the lead singer, Jennifer Nettles, showed a spark of life that suggested something more. Read the rest of this entry »