mini-Worship Text-Fessionals for Wednesday (9/12/07) & Sunday (9/16/07)

September 17, 2007

For starters, let me suggest, if you are at a larger church with multiple worship environments, leaders, and teams, that those leading the various environments communicate regularly – it’ll help you to avoid scheduling the same musicians in different environments at the same time, which we just narrowly avoided this week, thanks to the wonders of text-messaging and Planning Center Online, which takes me to another issue entirely: it may be possible to convince me of the legality and even importance of human cloning, especially as it relates to good drummers. 🙂

So, I don’t know what happens to our soundboard from week to week – usually everything is fine, but on occasion we get visited by the evil audio-tech gnome, who sneaks in during the after-hours and apparently turns every knob, making sound-check take way longer than it should, and sometimes even leaving some musicians on the verge of a nervous breakdown. Of course, the seemingly ‘evil audio-tech gnome’ might be the Holy Spirit humbling our arrogant tails, and if so, it worked, as our prayer time was a special one, and our corporate worship time at INSIDE OUT (our High School Youth Ministry) engaging. The highlight, however, was most definitely our special music: Mary-Margaret vocally led the new Hillsong United song, “Lead me to the Cross”, which one of our freshmen, Lydia, joined in on Cello. The lyrics are prayerful, the music was moving, the cello swirled in and out of prominence, laying a beautiful foundation to the song, and everyone seemed to respond rightly. We may have had a few fumbles that evening, but I’m still encouraged to see the hearts of our youth, both on the team and in the room, growing as worshipers.

To add to that joy, this past Sunday at RUSH HOUR (our Middle School Youth Ministry) was by far the best we’ve ever had. From a technical standpoint, everything worked flawlessly, and from a ministry standpoint, the teaching was spot on (bull’s eye, Jon!), and the musical response time during corporate worship not only sounded INCREDIBLE, but the room – in large part 6th graders, but some 7th & 8th – just went crazy, especially during New Life Church’s “My Savior Lives”, which many of the same kids last week complained “I don’t know this song.” That shows the power of bringing back good, yet unfamiliar material regularly. It was an exciting morning, and one that will stand as a marker for our team to continue to aspire to, and hopefully exceed in the coming months.

Sadly, I missed Charlie Hall at the Murray Hill Theatre this past Friday. Did anyone reading this catch him? I would’ve loved to go, but it just didn’t work out for me.

In other news entirely, tonight my wife & I’s band, Saint Lewis, rehearses to hash out the final details on a number of originals before entering the studio this Saturday to lay drum tracks for our debut c.d.  Needless to say, I’m both very excited, and nervous.  I’m hoping & praying that both tonight & Saturday go very smoothly.  Amen.


2 Responses to “mini-Worship Text-Fessionals for Wednesday (9/12/07) & Sunday (9/16/07)”

  1. klampert said

    mini fessional…i think not. lol great post and CHARLIE HALL RULES!

  2. Peter Park said

    That’s funny. I wish our soundboard would actually work. Week after week I wonder if there’s going to be feedback or the sound is going to cut out all together. I just pray really hard before the Sunday Service.

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