Crowder has a Remedy

September 25, 2007

I’ll admit it. I don’t have the new David Crowder c.d. I honestly can’t afford it (meaning, that it wouldn’t be wise to buy a c.d. while one of my cars is missing its transmission). This is, however, the first David Crowder c.d. I have ever really ‘anticipated’. Why, do you ask? Well, I could tell from the outset that Crowder had done enough experimentation on the last few c.d.’s and was probably ready to settle down and record a semi-accessible collection of worship music, which – having heard it in its entirety through various online sources – this is. This is Crowder ‘cleaned up’ – discarding any mid-song silliness, or between song, seemingly early-Pink-Floyd inspired, madness. Just beautiful, well written, well arranged, well produced solid worship music. Praise God – that is what I was waiting for!

Though it appeared a few years back on a Passion release, the studio recording of “Everything Glorious” is smooth, and grooves like it should. Everytime I hear this song I find myself digging deeper into the lyrics, and almost always surprised by what I find there. A solid tune.

It’s great to see an older favorite, “Rain Down”, which one of the tunes Fred picked for the 2nd Worship Under the Stars concert, included here. The new recording easily trumps the original, which is a powerful worship song in its own right.

I’ve also always loved Crowder’s arrangements of hymns, and “O for a Thousand tongues to Sing” is no exception! I’d love to hear us using this at church as soon as possible.

In other words, this is a great Crowder c.d. Yes, it may be somewhat tame by his standards, but for me that was refreshing, as his last couple seemed to go just a little too far for my slowly ‘maturing’ tastes.



3 Responses to “Crowder has a Remedy”

  1. fmckinnon said

    I thought you didn’t have it ???? but you’ve heard it??

    Glad you like it, though … and glad you’re hearing it. Praying for you to get WELL ASAP.

  2. saintlewis said

    So far, I’ve listened to all of the clips on iTunes, &, and a few other sites, which happen to sample different parts of the same songs, as well as hearing the 1st single on the radio. Consider this a ‘pre-review’, but I can tell by what I’ve heard that it’s my favorite from him since Illuminate.

  3. I don’t have it, nor have I heard it, nor will I buy it… this month anyway. But I agree with you, accessible songs by DCB would be awesome.

    Loved your link to “I am NOT in love with Jesus” post, that was just a by the way…

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