KINGSWAY MUSIC & a short update on illness

September 28, 2007

Thank you so much for your prayers – I am feeling SIGNIFICANTLY better, though still mediocre at best. A little throat swelling/soreness, and really tired (in spite of sleeping straight from Monday through Thursday morning!), but better. I hope to be in top shape by Sunday A.M., since I’m playing acoustic and leading 2 songs for Church in the Park that morning!

In other news, and great news it is, KINGSWAY MUSIC, the music division of New Frontiers International (one of my favorite networks of churches, headed by Terry Virgo – sort of a British sister-church to C.J. Mahaney‘s Sovereign Grace Ministries, except FAR BIGGER), is NOW AVAILABLE IN THE USA! This makes music by the modern day hymnist (one of my personal fav’s) Stuart Townend, and a number of other worship leaders/songwriters (I really dig Paul Oakley‘s stuff as well) FAR more affordable and accessible than before. Peruse their page, and buy up some great music!  Be sure to check out one of Georgia’s own, the very talented Aaron Keyes, whom many of our church’s youth are fans of.

Lastly, I had to miss the Glory Revealed tour last night, since I’m still recovering. Did any of you get to go? If so, what did you think? Please fill me in on what I imagine was a great night!


One Response to “KINGSWAY MUSIC & a short update on illness”

  1. fmckinnon said

    Glad you’re feeling better- it was a great night – missed ya!

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