NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: Sojourn – Before the Throne (A REVIEW)

September 28, 2007

Sojourn Community Church

Holy smokes, where in the WORLD did THIS Worship c.d. COME FROM? Take Nora Jones, Vigilantes of Love, & Over the Rhine, put them in a room together to compose a theologically rich, beautifully produced, Southern-styled Jazz-pop-folk-blues Worship album, yet which has songs that are surprisingly singable, in spite of their modern hymn-like qualities. That’s just to say, this c.d. is a SWEET surprise.

Sojourn Community Church is part of the Acts 29 Network, meaning that it is a cousin to Mars Hill Seattle (Mark Driscoll’s church). The church is unique in that it runs it’s own art gallery and music venue in downtown Louisville, KY, and is overflowing with theologically read artistic types, hence the great songwriting.

4 of the tracks on this c.d. are available for free download from their website. It does them no justice for me to try to describe them: beautiful, powerful, compelling, and immediately catching. I hope, for your own sake, that you will check these out. I hope you smile as big as I did. I’m still smiling.

Be blessed!


an addendum:

Man – my review of Sojourn Community Church’s newest c.d. is apparently ‘all the rave’ – 70 separate ‘reads’ of that particular post in less than a week. I was wondering at first, “Am I REALLY that good of a writer?” or “Is this band really on the verge of breaking into the ‘big-time’?” Turns out (as I should have suspected), it’s the later, as Christianity Today – THE ‘Christian Magazine’ (as in, in comparison to them, there is no other) – also just reviewed their c.d.: 5 stars, folks.

5 stars!

When is the last time you saw an independent worship c.d. get a 5-star review from a national publication, let alone the Christian magazine with the largest circulation of any in print?

So, if you haven’t checked this c.d. out yet, I’d suggest you do so, and soon!


5 Responses to “NEW MUSIC FRIDAY: Sojourn – Before the Throne (A REVIEW)”

  1. Hi. We’ve gotten a lot of hits from people who came to your website. Thanks for the review. We really appreciate it. Just for history’s sake – Sojourn is an Acts 29 partner church, not a Mars Hill church plant. We joined up with A29 a few years ago to participate in their planting and coaching network. our planting roots are actually in the Southern Baptist Convention. (No, I’m not kidding.)

    I don’t see your name on your blog. I’d love to know who you are. Please drop me a line.

  2. Lachlan Coffey said

    Great review! I have the blessing of being a part of Sojourn and this CD blows me away daily.

    I did want to make one correction above. Although we are indeed a part of the Acts 29 network, we aren’t a plant from Mars Hill. We do hold to the same values as them as far as I know. No biggie though. Just wanted to make the clarification.

    Again, thanks for the great review!

  3. saintlewis said

    I made a small change that should have corrected that error. Thanks for pointing it out. I’m glad you’re getting some traffic from me! Keep up the GREAT work!

  4. […] – my review of Sojourn Community Church’s newest c.d. is apparently ‘all the rave’ – 70 […]

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