My pulse is up…

October 8, 2007

Man. Maybe I’m just OLD, but WOW – this video just TOTALLY PUMPED ME!

I remember the first time I heard “Orange Crush” – I immediately ran out and bought GREEN, and it’s wouldn’t be at all incorrect to say that it’s been one of the most musically influential albums on my own personal songwriting. I can’t wait for this live c.d. to hit the shelves.

It also brings a smile to my face for other reasons.  You see, my first ‘official’ act upon moving to Athens, Georgia (Sept. 19th, 1996), was to back into Mr. Mike Stipe at Blue Sky Coffee House, totally knocking his coffee out of his hands, and spilling it all over the floor.  Way to go, me!

Thank you, REM, for consistently making beautiful music!  And thanks, Mike, for being so kind to me, when I spilled your coffee!


One Response to “My pulse is up…”

  1. […] that changed my life… (part 1) After re-watching the REM video from yesterday’s blog, and due to recently starting to record a new c.d. with my wife as Saint Lewis, it really made me […]

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