Songs that changed my life… (part 2)

October 10, 2007

For those who missed it, please read part 1 first – at least the intro – before diving into this blog. Otherwise, here are 3 more:

The One I LoveREM
Blood & RosesSmithereens
Prayers for Rain
The Cure

What moved me about these songs is all the same: huge, melodic guitar riffing – to the point where you could almost remove the vocals entirely and still have a ‘hit’, and I think that’s lacking in a lot of music. Don’t get me wrong, the vocal melody of a song if so important that often I begin with writing the primary vocal melody before touching my guitar, but there is something exceptionally powerful about a song when another instrument is carrying the melody as well, especially during breaks. These are those sorts of songs: the songs that guitarists speak of not by singing the chorus, but by making strange noises with their mouths mimicking the unforgettable riffs. I’m not saying I do this well (though “Give without Taking” and “A Story to Cling To” have pretty catchy lead lines), but I’m working on it.

Coming soon, part 3.



One Response to “Songs that changed my life… (part 2)”

  1. DUDE! I have not talked to ANYONE who has listened to the Smithereens – they were my favorite band during the early 90s. Awesome dude!

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