my “kids”…

October 17, 2007

I’m very proud of my “kids”.

As many of you know, the ‘Inside Out Band’ – the Sr. High youth worship band I’ve been working with since May of ’03 – played alongside 4 other bands (not ‘youth bands’, mind you) at the Baby Boom benefit concert this past Friday night. Not only did we worship like only God was there, but we rocked HARD while we were at it. Don’t believe me?

Check out this clip: Aaron – one of our youth – is leading and playing electric, Kevin is playing electric as well (he’s the one that TORE UP that intro riff), Chris beat the skins, Andrew played 4-string, Hannah, Callie, & Mary-Margaret sang various parts as needed, my wife – Cyle – is on keys, and I’m playing acoustic & singing tenor.

And let me know what you think…here’s a short clip:
Saint Lewis w/ the Inside Out Band at the BABY BOOM BENEFIT


4 Responses to “my “kids”…”

  1. Billy Chia said

    Wow, awesome. I’d be very proud if it was my youth band.

    Also very cool for showing that teens can be on par with adult bands.

  2. klampert said

    killer…thats great…great vocals too

  3. heatherblankenship said

    I am soooo proud of these kids! They really did ROCK it out!

  4. sscc said

    You guys did a great job. It was a fun night. Probably the best I have heard you guys play… EVER!

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