October 25, 2007

So, it’s been a while since I’ve done one of these.

Honestly, I haven’t had much to report – no great tragedies, no huge breakthroughs: just good, albeit normal, times of worship. Last night, however, was different: we had a little of both.

First, there were the sound difficulties – we had absolutely no low-end in the system. It sounded as though everything was being played through tweeters. Chris and his assistants rebooted amps, checked plug-ins, swapped cables, swapped microphones, and even re-set the board, finally getting thing sounding mostly normal. There were still a few glitches, as midway through worship our monitors fizzled out entirely for a whole verse of one song, but overall – other than delaying rehearsal by over 20 minutes – everything got straightened out and ran smoothly.

Secondly, I had originally wanted to introduce Steve Fee’s rockin’ “All because of Jesus” as walk-in, but because of our delayed rehearsal, and the complexity of that song, we instead swapped it for my recently written original, “All in All (You’re all I Need)”.

Here was our set:

WALK IN: All in All (You’re all I Need) – original
This really went well. I’ve been wary of introducing original music for the past few months (we have only used 5 other originals of mine at youth group in the past 4 years, and only one of those became a ‘regular’), but I’ve been really excited about this one, especially since starting to record it with Saint Lewis a month ago. It’s sort of a hybrid between the Brian Johnson and Eoghan Heaslip sound – very steady, driving, and melodic. I heard several positive responses, so I’m considering bringing it back again sometime in the next couple of months.

For our teaching time, we watched the Nooma video “Lump”, which is all about God’s radical love. Sweet video. I cried.

1. Your Love, O Lord – Third Day
I encouraged people singing this to recognize the law and grace, justice and mercy, of God – and that God even walks beside us as we struggle to respond to his love.

2. You never let Go – Matt Redman
One of our youth, Aaron, let this. I think it was appropriate, given the central focus of ‘Lump’

3. Majesty – Delirious
This is a newer song for us – we’ve only sun it once before. As a newer song, I encouraged our youth to use this time to pray, and just be quiet before the Lord. Right as we were finishing the song, however, Jon – our youth pastor – stood and challenged our youth, so we sang re-entered the song at the pre-chorus, which we sang over and over before jumping in full-on. We finished by singing the chorus a cappella, and everyone seemed to be caught up by the time we were done.

4. Marvelous Light – Charlie Hall
Partially inspired by David’s recent sermon series, and also by a few blog-discussions I’d participated in this past week, I stopped this song during the bridge and really challenged our youth to step out and be PHYSICAL with their worship. Then the room exploded with lifted hands, dancing, loud singing, and even shouts of joy! It was awesome. As one there jokingly commented later, “I was wondering if someone was going to bust out the flags next.”

WALK OUT: O Taste & See – Brian & Jenn Johnson
A small number of us stuck around to worship a little more after Jon dismissed everyone, so we sang this one – I still love it, even though we’ve probably over-played it a bit at youth group.

Though the musicianship was far from perfect – we made our fair share of mistakes (partially due to our truncated rehearsal) – the heart with which we led, and the response of those present, was a great encouragement that we’re moving forward as both a worship team, and as a youth group. May God send us more nights like this one.



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