Tuesday afternoon Blog Love…

October 30, 2007

As many of you that likely already know Fred McKinnon & Chris Moncus, those two need no introduction. It wouldn’t take much to convince me that they co-conspired on inventing the internet, and probably also the blog. Well, maybe not, but Fred DID, in fact, invent e-business, and at one time he had more online businesses than I do blogs (touche’!). Oh, yeah – here it is (holding up a once secure document long hidden from the world): I just discovered that Chris didn’t INVENT the internet, but he does OWN it. Figures. 😉 Way to go, Chris. Now, can I have a website? “One that looks nice, but not too expensive!” (ref.: Monty Python)

But that’s all besides the point, as two more of our Church staff have now joined the blogging world. Travis, whom I’ve known for longer than he’d probably like to admit (“hootchie cootchi coo“, I glanced over at his proud mother, “he’s such a cute little… college student“), has entered the ring with both hands slapping, flailing about at all things tech. So I jest – but it’s really QUITE good, and if you’re a tech guy, or just like…well…tech-stuff. Seriously, sounds dull, but it’s not – it’s really quite good. I was surprised. Drop by THINKING OUT LOUD and give him some love.

Not one to be one-upped (talk about competitive – gee-wiz!), enter David “I don’t really bowl but will mop alley with your remains” Yardbird, who seems to have an innate ability to master any sport that dares make eye-contact with him. On a more serious note (not that getting the spank beat out of me in bowling wasn’t serious), he’s a SOLID, yet passionate Bible teacher and preacher whose teaching I am honored and blessed to sit under every Sunday. His blog looks to be promising and will be a place you’ll want to check regularly. Please visit OUT OF MY MIND.

I hope that was a worthwhile introduction for my worthy friends!


3 Responses to “Tuesday afternoon Blog Love…”

  1. heatherblankenship said

    Very well written sir!

  2. No website but I can get you a nice hedge!

    Good post bro. How did I miss it?

  3. It’s way too late. I meant to say I’d get you a nice shrubbery. Oh well. I should hit the sack. It’s LATE!

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