“I daddy”

November 24, 2007

Yesterday, while I was on my hands and knees for several hours scrubbing the tile floor in my music studio/family room, my wife came in from outdoors where she and my 2 year old son were putting away paint cans in the shed. Actually, he was – at first – playing on our little playground in the corner of our back yard, but when he saw his pregnant momma working, he just had to join in. He ran over, picked up a hammer, and before momma knew what he was doing, he started – with as much precision as a 2 year old can muster – to hammer around the edges of the lids, securing them to the paint cans for proper storage. In amazement, my wife said, “You’re being such a big help, just like Daddy!” His response made her run straight to the house to tell me: he grinned as big a grin as his face could contain, said “I DADDY!“, and returned to hammering paint can lids all the harder!

It puts tears in my eyes to think it, but momma gave him the greatest compliment he knows at his age – “just like Daddy“. And to know that I have that sort of impact on that boy makes me want to be “just like Daddy” as well.

Some days I forget: I forget what depends on me – my wife, my family – and impact my daily decision have upon them. Some days I forget: I forget that I was born into slavery and bought with a price, adopted as God’s own child, to live in His kingdom, and no longer my own. Some day I forget: I forget that Christ did not merely die to offer me pie-in-the-sky-by-and-by, but to make me like Him – the perfect image of my daddy.

Times like this, however, help me to remember, and make me smile and say, “I (am like) Daddy” – and work all the more passionately to do what puts a smile on Daddy’s face. I want to make Daddy proud.



5 Responses to ““I daddy””

  1. justindavidson said

    Thats awesome Shannon. I hope to share that with a son someday also. I can only imagine right now how that warms your heart. I want to be more like Daddy.
    Great having you and the wife over last night. Good Turkey!!!..lol…i had a conversion last night…ha ha

  2. dude – super festive theme!

  3. Joanna said

    This was great, Shannon! Reminded me of a moment we had shortly after the birth of our youngest boy. Jim was lying on the floor next to him kissing his little cloud cheeks and watching him sleep with a look of overwhelming love and adoration that only a daddy could know. Just for a moment, I sat back and watched and realized that my “Abba” daddy loves me that way too. He loves me, has plans for my future and hope, he delights in me and in my praise, etc… Humbling, very humbling…

  4. Kevin E. said

    Good stuff!! The cool thing is he will want to be like you for a long time 🙂 I wish I could have seen his face when he said that. I can’t imagine that face!

  5. drew said


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