WORSHIP TEXT-FESSIONAL, Sunday A.M. 11-25-07 – St. Simons Community Church

November 27, 2007

What a refreshing morning! I don’t know exactly what it is about leading worship – maybe the Spirit’s anointing? – but I feel so energized by mornings like this one!

We had our ‘core’ band of seasons musicians, except that my pregnant wife (due this week!) was on keys – Fred ran sound, and – from what I could tell – did a great job. Not only did wife bang at those keys masterfully, she somehow managed to NOT go into labor in the process – a miracle in and of itself, and evidence of God’s hand of favor on us!

WALK IN: Your Grace is Enough – Matt Maher (as popularized by Chris Tomlin)
Apart from a vocal ‘no-start’ at in the first service, this song was not only fun to play, but seemed – particularly in the later services – to really energize the room. Todd did an excellent job leading this one vocally, and I was able to sit back and concentrate on the nearly furiously fast rhythm guitar part I was playing for most of the song.

Worship Set:

1 . Everlasting God – Brenton Brown (as popularized by Chris Tomlin)
I don’t think I’ve ever shared this before, but when I first heard this song – showed to me by my brother-in-law, McKendree Tucker – I didn’t like it. After reading about Brenton Brown’s struggles related to the song, including he & his wife’s battle with fibromyalgia. Singing this song in light of this added a whole new depth to it’s lyrics, as a leaning on the sovereign God in the face of trials and tribulations. Now it’s a regular staple of my Sunday A.M. set. The church has received it well.

2. I Stand Amazed – Excell & Gabriel (popularized by Passion Band)
I really love this old hymn.  Originally written by some of John Newton’s (yes, the author of “Amazing Grace”) co-writers, the Passion Band really breathed new life into this powerful proclamation of God’s glory!

3. Rescue – Desperation Band
I had originally intended to both start this song on acoustic guitar, and I had intended to lead all of it.  Then I discovered that our Alto had sung it before, so I asked her to try the verses.  T’was beautiful!  Then the band kicked in, before I was ready, and developed a groove entirely without me that was so far beyond anything I would have created myself, so I encouraged them to run with it.  It was awesome.  Sadly, though we’ve done this song often with our youth, it’s not been used too much on Sunday morning.  Maybe we can change that?

4. Amazing Grace (my chains are gone) – Newton, etc, & Chris Tomlin
Following David’s powerful sermon on living in Canaan, we closed with this.  My version is a bit more both folky & rockin’ than Tomlins, and we simplified it a bit, removing a few of the slash chords, which tended to make it feel clumsy at points when playing it with a full band.  I truly love singing this, and it seems to have really connected with our church, as everyone was singing along.

I spoke freely in-between songs, and at times I was worried that I was verging on ‘chatty’, but the numerous comments and compliments I received afterwards confirmed to me that much of what I felt led to speak was indeed of the Lord – yet another encouragement. If any of you were aware of the week I’d had before this one, you’d understand why such encouragement was necessary.

Overall it was a wonderful Sunday morning!  Thank you JESUS!



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