Matthew Perryman Jones

November 28, 2007

For all of you U2 & Coldplay fans out there, my old friend Matthew Perryman Jones‘ music is FINALLY available on iTunes! He and my old band, Set on Edge, used to occasionally play together at the Bean’ry in Athens, GA, and Eddies Attic in Decatur, GA. Matthew is not only a regular collaborator on the Indelible Grace worship project which I mentioned in my last blog, but he has also toured with the likes of my old friends, Waterdeep, and has had some of his music more recently featured in television shows such as Kyle XY and Private Practice. Although it’s a bit harder to get ahold of his earlier releases, his most recent are now available on iTunes – be encouraged to check him out!


SAVE YOU (single)

Lastly, for those of you who may be interested, my old band’s music is also available on iTunes – at least our 3rd & final c.d. is. Stop by sometime and check it out:


Here are a few reviews, in case I need to twist your arm…

From Splendid E-zine;
“Set on Edge isn’t a Christian band per se… the songs on A Story to Cling To…fit better into the nebulous category of ‘spiritual’. There’s no aggressive proselytizing, no in-your-face testaments to the power of the Lord. Nevertheless, it’s quite obvious that the lyrics are coming from a religious place. Lewis has a strong, expressive voice …his technique generally blends well with the discreet yet ornate arrangements of guitars, strings and organs behind him. However, the EP’s standout track doesn’t even have vocals; “To the Woman Whose Husband Will Never Come Home” is a lingeringly melancholy piano piece. The variety of instruments in the music, as well as its vulnerable optimism, will give you the odd impression that you’re watching a full-band concert on PBS and participating in an acoustic-guitar jam around the campfire at the same time. …This music expresses Christianity the way it seems like it’s supposed to be: not as the religion of Sunday-afternoon ten-percent tippers and judgmental politicians, but as the quiet joy of belief in God.” – Sarah Zachrich

From Ink 19:
“Expansive folk pop performed with the unassuming air of a loose jam session among friends, Set On Edge come across like a male-fronted cross between Tracy Chapman and New Bohemians, with a slight glance in the direction of R.E.M. Front guy, vocalist, prime songwriter and producer Shannon Lewis sings with beautifully constrained passion, and the band’s strength is the strong interplay between musicians, the respect and understanding they show for the music they make. …at the center of the band’s panoramic sound, lies some truly outstanding melodies.” – Stein Haukland

From Phantom Tollbooth;
“If A Story to Cling To is any measure of their potential, Set On Edge are growing up to become gentle giants. … I must warn those of my psychologist colleagues who specialize in patients who suffer from anxiety-related conditions. If this EP ever reaches your neck of the woods, and your patients happen to get their hands on it, you may eventually lose them as steady customers. … It contains more cushion than a Freudian couch, and more healing power than seven shrinkin’ Sigmunds. … Though finding the core band members may prove as an elusive undertaking…one thing is clear, songwriter/producer/vocalist/guitarist Shannon Lewis is the Magi in the magic. He has the gifts of at least three wise men…His voice is pristine, passionate, powerful and peaceful. It is harnessed by a trained ear, but emancipated by a heart that pines to draw forever nearer to the fountain of God’s grace. … Each added member’s touch reflects protean capabilities. These are obviously extraordinarily talented, hand-picked musicians.

Each arrangement is well executed and extraordinarily orchestrated. The magic in _A Story to Cling To_ is made complete by the deft drums of Andy Womack. He doesn’t miss a beat and he’s got bursting bundles of energy to boot. Andrew Thurston’s 7 string bass on “Story” and “The Weaker David” show signs of Herculean strength. Drew Lawson of Red Letter Blonde fills in with fecundity on his fretless bass on “Summertime,” a live, bonus track. Steve Rieske’s backing vocals on “Story” smoothly and seamlessly ally with Lewis’ lead vocals. Together they are bound to win battle for the heart and soul of every listener. Every trace of Patrick Davis’ lead electric and acoustic guitar arrangements puts a graceful face on this musically told story, and beckon the listener to cling tightly to each strum and run.

Emily Beam’s cellos combine with Daniel Claason’s violas to add a comforting, if hauntingly melancholic dimension to the EP’s low-key story line. … Lyrically speaking, “The Weaker David” is the strongest link — thanks, in part, to its soul source of inspiration, Dr. Larry Crabb’s book, _The Silence of Adam_. The rest of the songs flow like prayerful poems, each telling stories of their own. Each song reveals an abiding intimacy between a devoted, if spiritually depleted, disciple and God, the divine source and open-armed recipient of his devotion. It has been said that every picture tells a story. Though this picture is still in the works, it foreshadows an auspicious, burgeoning tale of triumph.” – Bruce Theissen

Well, that’s about enough self-promotion for…oh…about a lifetime, don’t you think? 😉


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