Discipleship (part 2) – my Story

December 10, 2007

I chose to follow Jesus as an upcoming freshman at Ohio University in ’91.  Within my first year I grew steadily more involved with a large campus ministry, and plugged into one of their Bible studies, eventually becoming a student leader myself.  I was involved with those men – some cycled in and some out – for more than four years: some of them are my friends to this day – two of them were in my wedding, and I was in theirs.  Of that college small group only four of the ten men that passed through our group are still walking strong with the Lord today.  One is in full-time ministry, and the other three are at least involved in the church peripherally.  Sadly enough, the rest have all been devoured by the world – even one of our small group leaders, last I checked, had fallen away from the faith.  What of the small group that I eventually led as a college student?  None of them are walking with the Lord – not one.  I poured into those guys, but to no avail.  My first taste of ministry left me quite discouraged and not interested in stepping into that realm again for quite some time.  Something was most definitely missing from the model I was practicing at the time.  What do you think it was?


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