My favorite Worship CDs of ’07

December 10, 2007

Since the year is coming to a close, here are some of my favorites for 2007:

Vineyard – Stand in Awe
: See my review if you want to know my thoughts. I stand behind every word of it still.

Matt Redman – Beautiful News
: Though I do love this c.d., it is not his best. Still, it personally connects with me (i.e. – I LOVE IT), and the songs “You Never Let Go”, “Take it to the Streets”, “Beautiful News”, and “Shine” all have great potential for corporate use. Officially this was released in ’06, but it was released in the last week of December, so I’m including it in this year’s list.

Brian & Jenn Johnson – We Believe
: though also released in ’06, it didn’t hit iTunes until ’07, so I’m including this one as well. “O Taste & See” is a corporate powerhouse, and there are many other deep, powerful, and passionate numbers here. One of my favorite worship cds of all time. Really excited about them coming to Bethel this coming February!

Honorable Mentions:

Sovereign Grace Music – Valley of Vision
: by far my favorite c.d. by Sov. Grace, and only listed as an ‘honorable mention’ because it was released earlier in ’06. Great songs – great lyrics – great production. A winner all the way around!

Vicky Beeching – Painting the Invisible
: This girl has some serious potential. I don’t actually own the cd yet, but I have downloaded 4 or 5 tracks from it, and plan on introducing one next month in our youth environments. I love her lyrics, and her music continues to grow on me. Definitely worth checking out if you’re looking for something new!


One Response to “My favorite Worship CDs of ’07”

  1. klampert said

    I just picked up the vineyard CD…havent listened yet…cant wait but i wish robbie reider was on it..and beeching is amazing…her first CD is brilliant

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