Worship Confessional, 12-12-07 – INSIDE OUT, St. Simons Community Church

December 15, 2007

“God opposes the proud but gives grace to the humble.” —1 Peter 5:5

What a wonderful night! First, God had been convicting a number of us leaders on the importance of humility and unity among our team, and we – in our prayer meeting before INSIDE OUT – leaders began to set forth a vision for the evening: humble dependence, desperate thirst and hunger for God’s Spirit, and repentance. Then we prayed, with the call to not leave the prayer room until we’re really ready. God showed up. Heather, our ‘Vocal Coordinator’, went into much greater detail in her latest blog: Broken Things. I think the key for this night was that ‘worship’ began long before the music or singing – an important lesson for all of us.

Walk in:All in All (You’re all I Need) – original
Strange how I picked this song, because originally we were going to sing “Celebrate the Day” by Reliant K for the walk-in, but I changed songs late in the game. The lyrics are something God put on my heart months ago, and tie directly to what we spoke of, and prayed for, prior to worship: that we would see that it’s all about God – in Him, to Him, and though Him.

1. “Gloria” – Mercy Me
I had been listening to a sermon by Bob Kauflin earlier in the week, which pointed out that God was a singing God. Those verses were still on my heart, so I shared them and encouraged the youth to be like our God, and SING…then I led this re-worked Christmas carol.

2. “See His Love” – Tom Lockley/Tim Hughes
My brother-n-law, McKendree Tucker, who lives in Nashville has been in town visiting, and with Cyle out of the game for a few weeks (giving birth can take it out of you, ya know?), I invited him to step in and co-lead from the keys for the night. McKendree originally told me about this song after hearing Brian & Jenn Johnson lead it at Bethel in California. A powerful song about the death of Christ for our sins.

Then our Asst. Youth Minister, Justin Davidson, laid down his best teaching yet. A powerful call for us to move THROUGH “the wilderness” into the “Promised Land” God is calling us to.

3. “Strength to Carry On” – McKendree Tucker
My brother-n-law truly is a great song-writer, and this little tune is only one small piece of the evidence for it. Strangely enough, I had asked him to introduce an original – a special we could meditate through – and as it turned out the latest song he’d written almost directly echoed many of the points of Justin’s teaching. God had that worked out entirely ahead of time, it seems!

4. “Lead me to the Cross” – Hillsong United
Though we’ve done this often in the past few months, the song is indeed powerful, and Mary Margaret led it well. There was a genuineness among all our vocalists that night, and I think that inspired those worshiping to go deeper….MUCH deeper.

5. “Hosanna” – Hillsong United
Honestly, I was a little wary of introducing this – my flesh thought “they’ve had enough” – but something in my spirit nudged me on. Callie sang this with passion and conviction, and much like the first time we introduced “From the Inside Out”, the room responded appropriately. Even though this song carries hints of a Christmas message, I hope to use this on through this coming year. I don’t love EVERYTHING Hillsong United writes, but when I like a Hillsong tunes, I LOVE IT!

Sounds like the perfect night? In spite of making huge strides to prevent it, we began rehearsal late, and through much of the 2nd half of our set one of our guitars was grossly out of tune. And none of that mattered a bit that night, and God’s Spirit grabbed hold of a bunch of broken fools and used our ‘loose change’ of an offering and made it into a sweet, sweet sound in His ears.

Now, more than ever, I feel the need to return and re-read C.J. Mahaney’s book Humility: True Greatness. It is…it is.

Thank you, Jesus – AMEN!


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