RIESKE Business (an opportunity to give)

December 19, 2007

Towards the end of my freshman year in college I went on a retreat with our local Campus Crusade for Christ at Ohio University. That weekend I became friends with Steve Rieske. He was working on finishing a song called “Hey Friend” and I was finishing “Hello Again” (neither of which ever were recorded professionally), and we took the opportunity to help one another out. It was so fun that we decided to co-write more material at the next retreat, from which came “A Rose Once Grew”, the roots of what was to become our band Set on Edge. Joined later that day by our friend, Randy, we combined Steve’s Zeppelin-esque blues, Randy’s classical finger-style guitar, and my metal-but-recently-tamed-by-classical-voice-training vocals to create something that we all really enjoyed, and we decided to make a ‘go’ at it, eventually adding ‘Drummer Dave’, co-writing somewhere around 50+ songs together, playing numerous shows, and recording 2 (3, if you count Steve’s guest appearance on our “A Story…”) fairly successful independent cds together. To this day you never know when a ‘Set on Edge’ re-union may occur, as music just tends to happen when we’re around one another.

Since my days back in Ohio, Steve has gotten married (and was the ‘best-man’ in my wedding), had 2 children, taken in 3 foster children, and has gone on staff full-time with Campus Crusade for Christ where he continues to teach, share Christ, disciple, and lead worship at the Bowling Green branch called Cru. As an occasional supporter of his ministry there (when I can scrounge up something extra), I can honestly say that the impact he’s having there is astounding: he’s an incredible, engaging, and relevant speaker/Bible teacher, with a heart for the lost, and a talented musician.

This all brings me to why I’m writing: Steve has been offered the important position of ‘Campus Director’ at Bowling Green, however his salary comes entirely from donors, and he and his family find themselves $8,000 behind in yearly support. On top of that, this past month both his 1976 Less Paul (now worth upward of $2,500) electric and his acoustic-electric guitars were stolen. As a guitarist myself, and those being the instruments he played on our Set on Edge cds, I almost teared up hearing the news. That’s just to say, things are tight for the Rieskes and the need is great. I don’t usually do this, but if you find yourself with a little extra after buying Christmas gifts, or are just looking to bless someone in ministry, be encouraged to send a little their way. It’s all tax deductible, and you can give online, or by sending a check to:

Steve Rieske
108 South Summit
Bowling Green, OH 43402



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