Worship Text-Fessional for Sunday 1-13-08, St. Simons Community Church

January 18, 2008

This past Sunday was such an encouragement to me. After a hard week at both jobs, I just didn’t know how Sunday morning would go. I felt beat down, tired, and discouraged on all fronts, so what’s the next obvious thing to do?: WORSHIP GOD! How true that is! One thing that did strike me as a real blessing was how God led me in choosing the songs before I even knew what David was preaching on. It didn’t dawn on me until I sat through David’s sermon on Sunday morning how perfect the songs were – every one tied into and emphasized the overall message that morning. Such a blessing! Thank you, Holy Spirit!

Walk-in: My Savior Lives – New Life Church/Desperation Band
This song has become one of my ‘standards’ among the many Worship environments at our church. The lyrics are simple, yet true – the music is easy to play, and has huge hooks, and best of all: the song is a LOT of fun. This morning was the first time I’d played it with most of the ‘1st Chair’ musicians on Sunday A.M. – the last few times I used either youth musicians to fill in, or visiting members of Saint Lewis. That’s just to say that the sound and feel was a LITTLE different from normal, but still good. Sadly, my wife, Cyle, was unable to play keys, but I absolutely loved Fred’s B3 fills throughout this – it really filled out the sound!

I welcomed everyone, and encouraged folks to greet those around them.

1. For all You’ve Done – Hillsong
This is one of my favorite “Hillsong” songs (that’s a tongue-twister!) – not only is it FUN to play, but the lyrics are fully centered around the completed Work of Christ. The song paints a full-orbed picture of Christ’s life, death, and resurrection, and what He’s purchased for us though it. Honestly, it’s hard not to worship God when singing those words. Fred, as always, led it masterfully (I prefer singing tenor on this one anyway, so it worked out great) as always.

2. No Other Name – NorthPoint
An ‘old school favorite’ here at the church, which just happens to be yet another ‘cross-centered’ praise tunes with a wide swinging groove that is a riot to play. I remember this song from the very first time I ever visited St. Simons Community Church several years back, and it connected with me immediately. Jay really spiced it up adding a neat riff from the original recording. I can see why Harriet has led this one so often – the whole room just ERUPTS into singing!

After a short time of announcements, and baby dedications during our 2nd & 3rd services, we moved back into a time of corporate singing.

3. See His Love – Tom Lockley/Tim Hughes
I’ve been leading this with the youth for almost 3 years now, and have done it occasionally as ‘Walk In Music’ on ‘Youth Sundays’, but never as a regular part of a Sunday service. Fred had heard my band Saint Lewis play this when we opened for the Worship Under the Stars band at a New Years Even youth concert 2 last year, and re-introduced it a couple of months ago with the regular Sunday A.M. band, so seeing that they knew it, I through it into my set. I guess I shouldn’t have been surprised, but they played it a BIT DIFFERENTLY than I do with both Saint Lewis & the Inside Out Band. Don’t get me wrong – it was GREAT, but DIFFERENT. Thankfully, Gary – our bassist – helped to work out some things I could do to adapt my playing to fit into their arrangement of the song. Sadly, we had to drop it from the 2nd & 3rd services due to time constraints. Anyway, I love the cross-centered nature of the lyrics, and the fact that the song’s author – Thomas Lockley – has never written another: it was his first and ONLY song. To think of someone penning a song as powerful as this one as their FIRST and ONLY song just blows my mind. Anyway – it’s a great, Biblical, passionate, and powerful corporate rocker.

4. Revelation Song – Gateway Church/Kari Jobe
Wow. That’s just about all I can say about this. We dropped it from D to C for Amanda, and she led it like a professional – a professional face-to-face with her God, with all the heavenly hosts as her audience. Last time I led I had her sing lead on ‘Rescue’ by Desperation Band, which was great. This was better. If anything could be said negative about this, it’s that I STILL have a hard time grasping the phrasing of the 2nd verse and my tenor part wasn’t in perfect timing with Amanda’s lead. Oh well – God was still in it, and He moved in spite of me.

Next, David preached a powerful, and deep (I love it when he goes there!) sermon on Christ and discipleship.
5. Center – Charlie Hall
As much as I love this song, it’s a tricky one for me, particularly in the morning when my range hasn’t yet ‘opened up’ entirely. I thought of changing the key from D to C – too low, then from D to E, too high and/or WAY too low – so D it was, which was fine until I wanted to add a little umph towards the end and sing up an octave. Ouch. It worked, but ouch. I most definitely wasn’t Kim, who usually sings this on Sunday. Still, we had to sing it – a prayer begging Christ to make himself the center of our lives, one which we build everything else.

Again, I think the whole morning spoke to the rest of our church the same way it spoke to me: as a challenge to re-focus on what Christ has done for us, and – in response – what He calls us to.

For another perspective, Fred wrote his own confessional as well.

May God’s blessings be evident in your life this week!



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