How about giving my friends some money?

January 23, 2008

I’m a strong supporter of independent musicians and songwriters, and though these old friends of mine aren’t quite as ‘independent’ as they were when we first met, I’ve really been listening to them a lot recently and wanted to spread the joy a bit.

Ashley Peacock/The Times – Begin

I met Ash back in ’01 I believe, when he opened for me at the Bean’ry, and later at Eddie’s Attic with Matthew Perryman Jones. Talking about a great night. Ashley is like a band unto himself, utilizing pedal-boards and looping in such a way as to convince everyone in the room that there’s got to be someone else behind the curtain. And his voice – WOW! I have a recording of him backing me up on a cover of U2’s “With or Without You”, and when I give him the bridge to sing on his own he blows me clean out of the water. Well, Ash has recorded some great music, my personal favorite being his solo record “Precursor“, but the only c.d. available on iTunes is his rockin’ full-band c.d. under the name The Times. Check out “The First Day” – I got to sing backing vocals on that one live a few times, so it’s my favorite. Also, Ash is currently serving as the Worship Pastor at Vineyard Christian in Florence, KY, and you can check out all of Ash’s gear HERE.

Matthew Perryman Jones – Save You (single)

I dedicated an entire blog to Matthew some time back, so you can read it if you want, but be sure to check out this excellent song on iTunes, which was recently featured in the closing scene of an episode of Kyle XY.

Bill Mallonee/Vigilantes of Love

Man, I’ve known Bill since…’96? Maybe earlier? I still remember the first time I heard his music in ’94 or so – I was at a party at Ohio University and I heard, in one song, acoustic guitars, driving drums, upright bass, mandolin, and…a trumpet section? “Eleanor” was the tunes, and it was love at first ‘hear’ – next thing you know I was handed a c.d. at the radio station I worked at: a copy of Vigilantes of Love’s (Bill’s old band) “Blister Soul” – I was high for a week, not on drugs, but simply on the sounds I heard there. Anyway, Bill’s still doing it, and doing it well. Though he’s got some newer material that is good, but my favorite of his solo work is “The Kidz on Drugs (or Life)” – makes me cry every time.

Also be sure to check out the newer c.d.s by my friends in Waterdeep and Denison Witmer

Lastly, a newer kid on the block…the disc isn’t on iTunes yet, but it should be soon. Local favorite, David Herndon, is releasing his 2nd c.d. which is pretty much the c.d. I’ve been wanting to make for years: adventurous, passionate, & incredibly well-produced, his new c.d. “Into Danger/Out of Rescue” is a no-brainer – add it to your c.d. collection IMMEDIATELY.

p.s. – I’m opening for him this Sunday, the 27th, 6 PM at the Chapel for his c.d. release party, and David is also bringing his band to play at our new Youth facility, the Rooftop, on March 21st.


3 Responses to “How about giving my friends some money?”

  1. u know the peeps in waterdeep?

  2. saintlewis said

    on my first date with Cyle, when I found out she was a Waterdeep fan, I flipped open my phone and showed her Don & Brandon’s cell phone numbers…I thought I was being cool, but I’m pretty sure she thought I was a dork. Of course, if you find a band you like, invite them to stay at your home, and pay for them to play a concert out of your own back pocket, you can probably spend some time getting to know them too. 😉

  3. In case you missed it. Waterdeep has made their most recent album “Heart Attack Time Machine” available for free download at NoiseTrade.

    I posted one of the tracks on my Muxtape if anyone would like to check it out.

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