IHOP – Immersed (a short review)

February 1, 2008

I’ve known about IHOP (International House of Prayer, KC) since they were about a year old. I discovered them around the same time that God so kindly reminded me that He was NOT a duality, but a Trinity (Hello Holy Spirit!), thanks, in part, to my friend Don Williams‘ book The Person & Work of the Holy Spirit. In fact, one of my ‘living heros’, Sam Storms, is connected to their ministry in many ways since the beginning.  I didn’t listen to any IHOP music until Misty Edwards debut, Eternity, was released in ’03. Since then a number of my friends have gone to IHOP for various periods of time, I’ve explored a lot of their music, alleviated a few of my more serious doctrinal concerns (which, I found also were quite justified in their early days), and found that Mike Bickle’s view of the end-times is quite interesting and attractive, even to a ‘partial-preterist‘-leaning fellow like myself.

Well, though IHOP related artists have released some very powerful c.d.s in the past few years (see the fore-mentioned Misty Edwards, Jason Upton, or Isa Couvertier), much of which I LOVE for times of personal worship, most IHOP material is simply not practical for even the most adventurous contemporary congregation. That being said, I think IHOP may be moving in the right direction with their newest release, IMMERSED.

Heather, our Youth Vocal Coordinator, who – I believe – I may have introduced to Misty Edwards’ music myself a number of years back, has done a great job at keeping me up-to-date on all-things IHOP. This week to dropped into my hands a few samples from IMMERSED and I couldn’t believe what I was hearing – it was CLEARLY IHOP, yet with corporate worship potential! My absolute favorite was “Stir up the Flame”, but another stand-out was “Shine on Us”. The songs are singable, melodic, & Scripture-based, and the music is captivating. Thank you Heather – now I need to buy the whole disc!

Be encouraged to follow the above links to explore this new release, which should also be available on iTunes soon. I think it’ll be worth it if you do.


6 Responses to “IHOP – Immersed (a short review)”

  1. klampert said

    I just got misty edwards new CD and it is awesome…dude go to my site and tell me what sovereign grace CD’s to buy

  2. Heather B said

    Hey! So glad you like the cd… oh, and the new misty edwards is really really good too.. I just downloaded it last week. Can’t wait to start singing some of it at youth!

  3. Looks excellent. I’ll have to check it out. I’ve been a fan of IHOP’s stuff for a while, though you’re right — it’s hard to use congregationally. I’d love it if they would start to move in that direction.

    Thanks for the heads up!

    PS – I just discovered your blog through Fred McKinnon and am enjoying it. Good stuff! Feel free to stop by Thoughts of a Worshiper over at stephenbarry.blogspot.com!

  4. ophelynn yen said

    i love misty edwards’ songs, too. they lead you straight to the throneroom and into the arms of Jesus.;-) i love reading the stuff at the ihop website, too.

  5. Sarah said

    I love this CD. I’d scoured the internet looking for chord sheets for “I will return” and “pledge” but to no avail. Does anyone know where I can find them? Thanks.

  6. Naii said

    Hi, this is Naii from Taipei, Taiwan.
    We just had a Onething concert 1o days ago.
    I turely love the song “Pledge” by Misty Edwards, but I can’t get the album “Immersed” here.

    Can anyone share with me the lyric of “Pledge”?
    Or email me to: naii_huang@hotmail.com

    Thank you! God in you.

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