Quirky Tag

February 14, 2008

I was tagged by Heather, and I enjoy these ‘tag’ things, so I’m going to give it a shot. I’ve got to name 6 quirky things about myself… that shouldn’t be hard, as I’m one huge walking breathing QUIRK…
1) In spite of what everyone else on earth might think, every personality test I’ve ever taken states that I am an introvert.
2) As evidence for #1, there was a small tree named “Shannon” in the corner of a friend’s living room in college – behind their couch. It was placed there to keep me from occupying that space during parties.
3) Related to point 1 & 2, at one time my stage fright was so bad that a.) I turned my back to the audience and walked to the back of the stage during any and all instrumental breaks, b.) I kept my eyes closed throughout whole concerts, & c.) I grew my hair out almost to my belly-button, usually keeping it in front of my eyes, so if I did open my eyes I couldn’t really see anyone in the room. That was about the only way I could have any peace while on stage.
4) For some reason the numbers 2 & 5 both make me think of the color Blue, the number 3 makes me think of Yellow, and number 1 white, yet no number makes me think of one of my favorite colors: green. I have no idea why…for ANY of it. Apparently, I’m NUTS.
5) BLUE (wishing I were thinking of Green, though). Did I mention that God has convicted me as of late that I need to be writing more songs than I do? Yeah – that.

6) Unlike Heather, who tagged me, I think feet are very cool. All feet, even pretty feet, are still pretty goofy looking. I’ve never seen ‘sexy’ feet. Hence, at least as it regards our feet, we’re all equal. That’s pretty cool.

tagging: OUR TECH DEPARTMENT – Chris, Bo, & Travis!


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