Who is this Woman?

February 19, 2008

So, last night my wife, Cyle – a woman who once, when looking at older pictures of me, stated emphatically that she was glad she met me when she did because the earlier ‘me’ wouldn’t have appealed to her – told me that I should grow my hair out “at least to your shoulders, so you can put it in a pony-tail”!!!???!!!??? What’s your name again, and where did Cyle go?!

Honestly, I’ve gotten used to having my hair shorter, but I also enjoy doing crazy things like that, so I wonder: how far is too far?

Here are a few older pics of me – I wore my hair long off and on (mostly ‘on’) from late ’91 to early ’02.  At it’s longest I think it was about 17 inches…anyway…enjoy these samples, and tell me: Which do you prefer?

(I’m the one with the braided dreads on the last pic – upper left-hand corner)


7 Responses to “Who is this Woman?”

  1. take her to the emergency room

  2. klampert said

    i had long hair myself and loved it…cut it for my wife and wanted to grow it back a few years ago…there is nothing worse than the in between stage though from short to long where you look like a total moron.

  3. justindavidson said

    I like the braided look. That is definitely my favorite.

  4. saintlewis said

    Klampert – are you trying to say that I look like a Moron?!?!! 😉

  5. yes, i think that’s exactly what klampert is trying to say…..

  6. klampert said

    ha ha ha…thats great…bring it mandy!

  7. Kevin E. said

    I love it 🙂 hahahaha!

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