March 3, 2008


What a weekend! I’m giddy with exhausted excite-a-tude-ish-ness!

Thursday night at the Gathering Place Fundraiser was the bomb. This was the first time in the GP’s history where a ‘High School’ Youth band (except for myself) led the music, and can I just say that they did not disappoint? During soundcheck and backstage their attitudes and professionalism were top notch, and both their passion for God and their excellent musicianship shone from the stage. Now, I’m really looking forward to the ‘Main Events’ this Summer.

Next, Friday evening: the night of Worship at St. Simons Community Church was a smashing success! What, exactly, does that mean? The community came out and worshiped the resurrected Jesus with passion…and nothing technical fell to pieces in the process. Of course, the second part could be labeled ‘option’ for true worship, but as a staff-person and a musician/worship leader, it was a great bonus. It was an absolute joy to be able to lead worship with my friends and co-workers that night. What also made both Thursday and Friday special was the presence of my Dad and Step-Mom, for whom I think both events were quite an experience. Even though they do not attend a church anywhere, they made it very clear that they would if they knew of a place like ours near them: they love the open caring attitude of the people, enjoy the style of the music, find the relaxed atmosphere refreshing, and understand David’s messages. I’m feel very blessed to be part of a fellowship where I can invite the ‘unChurched’ where they feel so accepted and loved. Now if I can only get my hands on the 32 tracked recording of “Marvelous Light” & “Sweetly Broken” to practice my mixing…what say ye, Fred & Travis? 😉

Lastly, SUNDAY MORNING – I’m just wondering: was there ANYONE in Glynn County that wasn’t in Church (particularly, ours) this Sunday?! I’m talking TRAFFIC JAM at the EARLY SERVICE. Fred & Harriet led a powerful set of corporate songs (and it was wonderful, as usual, to hear Kim leading our ‘theme song’ – “Never Be the Same Again”), David Wilks shared a portion of his personal testimony, and David Yarborough brought the Gospel. That’s one thing I love about our church: we are most-definitely “Gospel-Centered”, and EVERYTHING we do is built on Christ crucified and raised on our behalf! That’s the sort of ministry I can get behind! And though we had a few minor tech problems with lighting at our Jr. High RUSH HOUR service, Justin preached the Word, and we led worship ENTIRELY WITHOUT MUSIC STANDS! Maybe you are years beyond me, but that was a big step for us. Though I liked how uncluttered the stage was, I did make a few small mistakes on Tim Hughes’ “Happy Day“…thankfully they went mostly unnoticed, and the kids seemed to have a really good time this morning. Yes, there is room for improvement, but I’m happy that we’re taking steps in the right direction. Now, for our first INSIDE OUT in the new building this Wednesday!

Thank You, Daddy God – You are good, and merciful! AMEN!


4 Responses to “Wow.”


    I didn’t even ask Travis if we tracked friday PM, but I know we were supposed to. You’ll need an external firewire drive if you wanna take the trax w/ you!

    Great job, and great having you on the team!

  2. saintlewis said

    It JUST SO HAPPENS that I’m buying an external fire-wire drive this week (my current external is USB and has been giving me fits, so I’m upgrading).

  3. […] the band played. Shannon, if you read this, all I have to say is that I am amazed at how well things went. You guys sounded […]

  4. Dude. It was awesome. I just wrote my own post called “Wow”, then read yours and Fred’s called “Wow” also. So funny but so true. This morning was a “Wow”. You guys did such an amazing job this morning. I meant to call you earlier but I wasn’t sure if you were napping. Have fun, I will see you Wednesday. Can’t wait!

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