Mid-March Blog Love

March 12, 2008

There have been some goodies as of late!

First, my “superior” Fred McKinnon posted a CONVICTING leadership nugget on “Vision Casting”.  As I told him at lunch on Monday – guilty as charged!  It’s a healthy reminder of the need to be pro-active in making sure your team is on the same team.  Read it and weep.

Chris (from Canada) posted a very helpful brainstorming tool which could be helpful in songwriting – at least I’ve often approached songwriting this way.  Be sure to check out his post New Online Brainstorming Tool.

Milestone Worship has recently posted a few helpful tips on Songwriting for Worship.

My friend, David Herndon, was interviewed by ABOUT CHRISTIAN MUSIC regarding his new c.d., Out of Danger/Into Rescue.  Not only is it a good disc, and an interesting interview, but David’s band, and I, will be playing at our church on Friday, March 21st at 8 PM.  Free Show.  More info forthcoming.

Lastly, most anyone who knows me or reads anything I write knows how influencial John Piper’s writing has been on my life.  Well, John has recently put his Kingdom-of-God-centered “God is the Gospel” ONLINE in it’s entirety!  Yes, it’s a hard read in places, but it will probably change your life.  Make sure you have enough paper in your printer, and get to reading!



5 Responses to “Mid-March Blog Love”

  1. Hey
    Wassup w/ the March 21 gig @ our church? I haven’t heard anything about it … would love to go, but don’t know the details. Do share!

    And thanks for the linkage …

  2. Chris said

    Thanks for the link! I hadn’t thought of using it for songwriting. Could you post some screenshots?

  3. saintlewis said

    It’s simply a way of encouraging creative ways of communicating your theme. Write the main theme in the main box, and work your way out – then use the ideas and phrases on the outside to work lyrics from, working your way back towards the center for the chorus, with the main core idea hit home directly in the bridge. That, of course, is simply one way of doing it. I particularly encourage it for worship songwriters that err on the side of being too direct and poor with word imagery. Try it out!

  4. saintlewis said

    Fred, we (apparently) work very hard at keeping you in the dark about these sorts of things. It’s a secret, and you’ll get no more out of me – just don’t ask Jon, Justin, Chris, David or just about anyone else about it…it’s only been scheduled since around November. 😉

    It was ORIGINALLY going to be his c.d. release party, but the c.d. came out earlier, and we wanted to host it in the new building AFTER the kinks were all worked out. So, we thought this would be a GREAT way to re-jumpstart our monthly INSIDE OUT Friday Night outreach events (we had 1 concert, 2 open mics, and 2 worship nights last year, then put everything on hold till we moved)…anyway… I’ll post the flyer as soon as Chris is finished with it.

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