New favorite Worship Song(s?)…

April 11, 2008

It’s official…I have a new favorite corporate worship song…

“EVERY DAY” from Sovereign Grace Music’s forthcoming c.d. COME WEARY SAINTS

Thing is…there are a few more from that same c.d. competing for the #1 spot!

I’m also LOVING “HEALING IN YOUR WINGS” & “THROUGH THE PRECIOUS BLOOD” – they are tied for a close 2nd…

What fantastic melodies…creative chord progressions…powerful, Biblical lyrics!

I’m a happy man!

What’s also interesting is how closely this c.d. follows the book I’ve been blogging again – SUFFERING & THE SOVEREIGNTY OF GOD.  It’s almost as though this c.d. could be it’s soundtrack.  Strange.


3 Responses to “New favorite Worship Song(s?)…”

  1. Ryan said

    It sounds like you got a copy already? How’d you do that? Or are you just going off of the samples?

  2. HarrisWhistles said

    Is this the Joel Houston song? I’ve heard a song by him of this title performed by For This Cause.

  3. saintlewis said

    HA! Most definitely NOT.

    Houston’s song is about how we are continually living for the Lord, which I am not, though I do try – it’s more of a song of commitment & dedication.

    THIS SONG is about how God is sovereign over every day of our lives.

    Both good songs, but quite different…

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