Too many goodies: Blog-love for mid-April

April 22, 2008

I leave to celebrate my Dad’s 60th in Ohio for the weekend, and blogging goes into a fury, apparently…  there are many goodies to report, and I do hope you follow all of them!

I AM AN OFFERING offered up a whole series of excellent blogs related to getting ‘back to the basics’ on a number of instruments used for corporate worship: Drums, Bass, Guitar, & Keys.  Each are short & easy to read, but have some very helpful tips.

ALL ABOUT WORSHIP reported on a Memorable Moment at a recent IHOP conference.

MILESTONE WORSHIP published one more in the Songwriting for Worship series on the importance of MELODY.

THE GOSPEL-DRIVEN CHURCH dropped a bomb entitle “Worship as Turning to God’s Agenda“.  Let’s just say: WOW.

And lastly, related to my recent “Apologetics as Worship” series, I offer two excellent reviews of the recent movie release, EXPELLED!  Breaking Down the Wall; & Evolution vs. Intelligence.

Be blessed!


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