For What it’s Worth: an update…

April 23, 2008

God has really blessed me of late. Though I’ve been very busy, I’ve had many opportunities to worship and to lead worship, and have seen significant steps towards ‘freedom’ take place both within myself and in the environments I lead. The last couple of weeks, though not ‘break-through’ weeks, we have seen significant signs that our youth at INSIDE OUT are beginning to really recognize their dryness and desperation for God. To see the faces of High School student stepping out in faith, expressing their worship in ways that may draw ridicule from others – that’s indeed priceless. Last week, during our time of praising God, our Associate Youth Pastor stepped up to the mic and preached/prophesied a spontaneous message on Christ that was so powerful and passionate that a spontaneous song just jumped up out of me. It was a humorous moment, as the other vocalists on stage were looking around trying to figure out what I was singing, and the folks responsible for running pro-presenter sat in the back speed-typing – hoping to put the lyrics of this out-of-the-blue worship song up so everyone else could join in. It’s not so much that the song was GREAT, but it welled up from my heart, and that was something special. God, be welcomed to give me those whenever it is appropriate.

Coming soon:

New Blogs:
Recent sermon essays, including a 2 part series on Worship.

Full music reviews of:
Sovereign Grace Music – COME WEARY SAINTS (in short: Life-Giving!)
After Edmund – HELLO (in short: Mute Math + Switchfoot + ROCKS!)

Full book reviews of:
– Paul Baloche (in short: a must have for songwriters)
THE NINTH GENERATION – John Owens (in short: I helped edit it, so
I must have liked it!)

Thank you for sticking around, and thank you for reading…

be blessed!


One Response to “For What it’s Worth: an update…”

  1. That’s great — I can just see the speed-typers, trying to keep up.

    Sounds like you have some interesting posts coming up. I’m especially looking forward to the essays on worship and the Come Weary Saints review.

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