Heads Up! (the women are taking over!)

May 6, 2008

Heads up, fellas! The gals are trying to surpass us with great new music! Right now, I think they may be winning!

First, Rita Springer released a ‘best of’ record that’s been a long-time coming…

Secondly, though I find myself far less excited than most by Jesus Culture’s c.d.’s (I have to admit it – I don’t like ‘covers’ very much – give me original music, please?), I am absolutely floored by the power & passion of Jesus Culture’s lead singer, Kim Walker. This may be right up there with Brian & Jenn Johnson’s WE BELIEVE c.d.

Thirdly, who knew that Hillsong United vocalist & songwriter, Brooke Fraser, had solo records out? I think someone’s been holding out on me.

And lastly, one of Vineyard’s better songwriters & voices – nearly a local, being from the ATL – has just released her debut full-length, which features her versions of some of her original Vineyard worship material, and much more. My favs are “I am Changed” and the title track, currently.

Guys, we need to get on it, already! Actually, I just got 5 rockin’ tracks of stereo electric guitar goodness back from Saint Lewis‘s lead guitarist earlier today, and my rhythm guitarist is in his home studio today adding some vibe to another song, so I hope to add to the ‘male’ contribution of rockin’ new worship tunes very soon.



One Response to “Heads Up! (the women are taking over!)”

  1. It’s true! I L-O-V-E Rita Springer and Kim Walker. Good eye, dude…or should I say good ear? Good taste. There we go…good taste. I knew it was one of the 5 senses.

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