RECORD REVIEW FLASHBACK: The Local Story – Closer to Somewhere

June 2, 2008

Formerly Uncle Jed’s Oil, The Local Story’s full-length is a clean, upbeat, straightforward modern rock record. Falling near Caedmon’s Call, early Counting Crows, and sharing Weezer’s knack for melody, Closer… contains few surprises but is so incredibly catchy that one can’t complain.

Starting strong, track one screams for radio-play. “The Theatre Downtown” is an ironic number about a man who ignores his hard-to-win dream-date to watch a mediocre movie – she merely inches away. “Quicksand Catastrophe”, another potential single, proudly wears Weezer on its sleeve. Showcasing punchy piano and heavy guitars, the music screeches to a near-halt for its mostly a’cappella chorus; “Please excuse me as I take my life for granted.” There are many other standouts, and there are no duds.

My only criticism: the c.d. loses some of its punch midway though because the first few songs are so memorable. Overall, however, Athens should be proud to welcome another entertaining rock band to its ranks.


Where are they now? See:
Ryan Dean
the Goodfight
the Wydelles


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