Louie Giglio / Chris Tomlin Church Plant?

June 3, 2008

So, it turns out the rumor is true. One of the world’s greatest communicators of the Gospel (if you have any doubts, just watch this dvd some day) and the most successful (ie – his songs are more widely sung than any one else living) contemporary worship singer/songwriter planting a church together. It seems, having read about Austin Stone Community Church, that they are looking at this as an opportunity for them to refocus as a church, as having Chris Tomlin as their worship pastor, who helped to plant the church years before, may have been a distraction at times (I personally have a hard time imagining having such a high profile staff-person), given the immense success he’s undergone in the past few years. Though I haven’t yet read any comments yet, I imagine that North Point Community Church is blessing this step by Giglio, as well, given their emphasis on planting new churches and campuses around the country, and his long-term friendship with Andy Stanley, North Point’s pastor.

How odd to think of planting a church that would be immediately ‘successful’, at least as far as numbers are concerned (let’s just say that the first tithe should cover the pastors salary, which is unusual in church planting). It seems like a blessing, in some sense, but in another would have immense drawbacks. For instance, most of the folks who would flood to a church plant such as this would be primarily coming from either name recognition and the sheer ‘talent’ of those planting the church – that does not assure a very ‘spiritually mature’ core congregation, and discipleship may be a chore. There will probably be a good deal of ‘flux’ for a while – people who come, must like we experienced the first couple weeks that our new building was open, just to see what’s up – to experience the ‘new thing’.

God knows I love both Louie & Chris, their gifts, and how God has used them. I think we all need to be in prayer for them, their former churches, and all this move will affect – that God blesses all involved, that the Gospel will be center, that God will be glorified, and even more people will meet Jesus as a result of this move.

So be it. Amen…


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  1. I confess that in my heart I’d be willing to swim the ocean to be there opening Sunday. Hero worship, methinks.

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  3. Paul said

    I attend The Austin Stone and I must admit that when Chris announced they were leaving to plant a church in Atlanta with Louie, I was not happy. Not for the fact that they are leaving Austin, but because of the location in which they are going to plant a church.

    Atlanta already has thousands of churches not to mention numerous mega churches, so I am unsure why Louie feels the need to plant in Atlanta. I would be happier for them all if they had decided to plant in New Orleans, Africa or a place that needed church plants. Afterall, that is why Chris and others decided to plant in Austin because it was the most unchurched city in Texas.

    So I do have to say that I am questioning motive here. I am not judging them by any means, but if they do plant a church in Atlanta, then I see this as being nothing more than another celebrity mega church, since rumor has it that Matt Redman and other six-step worship leaders will be joining them as well. Why Louie feels that all these famous worship leaders need to be in one church, in one location is beyond me. I thought we were suppose to branch out………….

    Just my thoughts!


  4. saintlewis said

    wow – thank you so much for dropping by! having lived near atlanta for several years (in nearby athens) i can tell you that the churches there have hardly even touched the enormous population of that city. secondly, though i don’t know about the rest of the six-steps artists, i can assure you that – unless it is a very new development – matt redman will not be joining them, as he has just committed to planting a contemporary anglican church in england and is part of their team. maybe the rumor stems from giglio encouraging all of those artists to be a part of church planting, but not necessarily his? if that were so, it would indeed be a refreshing move, on the part of a label, wouldn’t it? that said, i am very glad to hear from you, and hope the transition for austin stone is a smooth one. blessings!

  5. Paul said

    No problem. Well as i understand nothing has been set in stone yet but I do beleive Matt and his family will be relocating to Atlanta the beginning of July and also there are several recruits from other U.S. locations that will be relocating to help in the plant. Not sure if all the six steps guys will be there, as i said it is just hearsay. Should be interesting though, but nothing i care to be a part of. Who knows maybe louie and chris are going to open up a new city in ga. lol. I guess with fame and fortune one could do just about anything lol

    We at The Stone are going to be fine and we will continue to grow with or without chris. thanks for the prayers

  6. Any idea of where in Atlanta.. or where to get information?

    (FYI, I’m not looking into join them, actually, I’m just wondering where in Atlanta should we NOT look into planting) 🙂

  7. paul said

    luis not sure where they are planning to have the church. according to chris they do not have a building or anything right now. from what i gathered frmo what he told us at church is that the church plant is an idea that louie had and that they all are just taking steps to move to atlanta and then i guess they will go from there. not sure though. the way it sounded is that it is an idea, they are taking steps and praying for Gods will.
    chris said that they were all prayng about it and ask us all to pray.



  8. paul said

    luis i forgot to add a little something. i unlike some christians believe that you should plant a church in an area that truly needs chruches, a place where there are few to no churches. atlanta as we know has thousands of chruchs and numerous mega churches so God has plenty of workers in that field and some really great ones. if the lost do not go to these churches than what makes one think they will go a new one, no matter who the pastor and lead worshipper are. cause lets face it most of the secular world does not know who the famed are in christianland so that is definitely not going to draw them in. However it will draw tons of christian people in which means financial stabiliy for the church but which by tthe way is not the purpose of the church. NOt saying this is what louie and tomlin are doing. I am just talking in general that this is something one should think of when starting a church plant.

    so if you really have a heart for the lost and want to win souls to the kingdom and financial stability is not your first and most important priority, then iwould say to go to a field that needs workers. the harvest is great, but the workers are few as Jesus says.

    peace out


  9. saintlewis said

    I agree 100%, and having lived in the Atlanta area, let me just say that most of that city is lost and untouched, and I can understand not only the desire – one having a heart for Atlanta – but also the deep need for still more churches there. Besides, impacting the heart of a metropolitan area is the best way to shape the culture and beliefs of the entire region around it.

  10. Deborah said

    Im just going to repeat what I posted on a similar blog on this topic.
    I think its a mistake. I dont know Chris or louie, but I know people, and sometimes people want something so badly, they think God is behind it when He really is not.
    Chris, if your out there, please PLEASE rethink this. There are so many places that need your help more (Like my hometown of Portland. Talk about a mission field.)

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  12. saintlewis said

    Apparently, I stand corrected, as I was just informed that Matt Redman is now living in Atlanta. VERY INTERESTING!

  13. walkerrickey said

    Man, this blog is getting a little heated it seems. Well, I live in Atlanta and I go to a North Point Church in Buckhead. I have heard Loui speak and oh man does he bring it. Tomlin is awesome too, so am I excited to hear about Loui and Chris coming to Atlanta. You raise a good question though. Why would Loui pick Atlanta over the hundred of cities in this nation? Especially when one of his best friends has a great ministry started in the Atlanta area already. Not to mention all of the others in Atlanta. Well, I was thinking to myself, Loui has a HUGE heart for reaching the lost. His talks have challenged me immensely in that area of my life. My thought is there are two somewhat opposing reasons in Loui’s decision in planting a church in Atlanta. He is man with a family just like all of us and his family wants to be in Atlanta, plus he wants to do what he does best in the place he wants to live, which you would think is somewhat selfish with such a awesome God given ability, but aren’t we all. OR someone that has a HUGE heart for the lost and is really good at what he does actually knows something we don’t and for some reason Atlanta needs him more than other cities. This is all easy for me to say I know because I live in the Atlanta area but ist just a thought. I guess we will find out the reason soon enough.

  14. melanie adkins said

    It’s so funny how we all, known as the “public eye,” think we are such experts in judging those who are “famous.” I guess its our jealous nature to lash out at those who have managed to achieve such a coveted position in life. I personally am not qualified to venture a guess as to why Chris Tomlin and Louis Giglio made the decision to plant a church in Atlanta. First of all, I don’t even come close to being a speaker or musician of their caliber, so to second-guess their decision only makes me look stupid. Second, I don’t recall being present when they met with God on the issue and I don’t have a clue as to the prayer and deliberation that went into their choice. Maybe we all should just get off our high horses for awhile and wish them the best in their new venture. Melanie Adkins.

  15. saintlewis said

    Melanie – I agree 100%!

  16. mark said

    Who are we to judge? I believe that both Louis and Chris have a heart for serving the Lord. Serving the Lord is not just about reaching the lost, it’s also about discipling others increasing ones faith through the teaching of God’s word and truly worshipping God for who He is. Though there are many churches in the ATL there are millions of people. Imagine God using Louis and Chris to disciple a large group of people to a deeper understanding of the faith and sending them out in the ATL and no doubt to other parts of the world! I say pray for them.

  17. Mark E said

    My girlfriend and I are excited about what Louie will be bringing. Does anyone know what the name of the new church will be/is?

  18. Tony said

    Just a quick thought to those who question why Atlanta, when there are already so many churches. I am a lifelong Atlantan, 43 years old. While there are a lot of churches, there are over 4 million people in the metro area alone. And, Atlanta has the largest singles population in the country.

    And it is filled with spiritual darkness. Strip clubs, sports bars, and hedonistic lifestyles flourish in Atlanta. The city of Atlanta has been revitalized since the Olympics in 1996, but it is dying spiritually. Think about where the How Great is Our God tour went, and the Remedy tour – ie. non church environments.

    I believe Louie’s heart has reconnected with the city of Atlanta, the number of transplants, and number of unsaved/unchurched people. And the opportunity for the fame of Christ is enormous.

    So, just a thought as to what Louie believes God is leading him to do in Atlanta.

  19. Luis said

    From Phil 1:15:15 “Some indeed preach Christ even from envy and strife, and some also from goodwill: 16 The former[a] preach Christ from selfish ambition, not sincerely, supposing to add affliction to my chains; 17 but the latter out of love, knowing that I am appointed for the defense of the gospel. 18 What then?
    **Only that in every way, whether in pretense or in truth, Christ is preached; ** …and in this I rejoice, yes, and will rejoice.”

    We cannot know their hearts or intentions nor are we called t judge them, if anything, we are commanded to REJOICE because Christ is being preached.

    NOw, I dont want to sound rude and argumental. Just think about this: It is true that there are many megachurches in Atlanta, yet, there are millions of people who dont know Christ or dont have a relationship, who are not growing. There is a huge need in Atlanta as in anyother place in USA. (The poll released this week on religion shows that some 80% of Americans claim to be Christian but 75% think that jesus is NOT the only way to God. Is there something wrong here?)

    I think I understand the concern and desire of having them to plant a church in other needed places. However, it reminds me of the times when I am sharing the Gospel with somebody and they try to divert the attention from their need and fire back with the question: “what about the kids in Africa who dont know Jesus?”, My answer to them and to some who question this Tomlin/Giglio/Atlanta move is:

    Why dont we focus on you now? If you care so much for those others, why dont you do something yourself?

  20. brian said

    Totally bizarre!!! A celeb church indeed because now Watermark has also joined them. How many celebs can you have in one church and not expect it to be a “celeb church” lol.

    Hey Chris when are you going to cut that umbilical cord w/Louie and find yourself a wife dude? lol.

    I love you man!

  21. saintlewis said

    In Watermark’s favor, they’ve been great friends of Louie’s for years, and having personally heard some of his vision 2nd hand, I must say that it sounds like it’s going to be a great church.

  22. In terms of population, America is now the third largest nation of unreached people in the world. We are now one of the highest missionary-receiving nations too. Every community in our land needs a move of God. For some reason, God has chosen to give the ATL another weapon against our enemy. We need to celebrate that and then plead with God to bring some help to our own communities.

  23. brian said

    Totally understand, but Louie and Chris can save NO ONE!!! Seems that everyone thinks that if Louie and Chris do not open this church in Atlanta then the planet is doomed…………

    There are a lot of great, anointed speakers and musicians in this great land of ours who are working just as hard as Louie and Chris; the only difference is that they are not famous!!!

    My prayers are for all who work for the kingdom especially those who have to work extra hard to get people into their churches because they are NOT famous.

    I think this whole thing is being taken a little too seriously. My previous comment, although true, was a way of trying to get everyone to relax and stop this whole Louie/Chris saving the world attitude. It is just ridiculous. But glad to see they have some defenders out there……..lol



  24. jason said

    Bottom line is this: Anyone who is questioning Chris and Louie who have not sat down face to face with them and heard their hearts are doing so out of arrogance, pride and jealousy. Be very careful.

    For the guy who attends Austin Stone, Paul. I know your church very well and have worked under and alongside your pastor for years. I know he would be devastated to hear you questioning the integrity of two of his best friends, not to mention questioning the call of God on their lives, especially out of ignorance since I’m fairly confident that Chris and Louie never called you into a meeting to consult you on this matter. I KNOW this is not what Austin Stone stands for. They are kingdom minded and mission oriented and want to see the lost come to know Jesus. Chris and Louie are not saviors, but they are ambassadors for our Savior and will be faithful to that responsibility in Atlanta.

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  26. Marty said

    I live in Atlanta, and I’d feel much better about this if Louie’s church is not within Sunday morning driving distance of Northpoint, Buckhead, First Baptist, Johnson Ferry, or Perimeter Church, all of which are clustered on the affluent north side of metro Atlanta. Otherwise, at the first public worship (and following), ask for a show of hands of people coming from other churches in Atlanta, especially these five. And I’ve probably left out a few. Personally, I vote for “celebrities” establishing churches where they aren’t celebrities. Somehow that gives a little more opportunity to separate the work of the Holy Spirit from the work of Christian celebrity.

  27. brian said

    AMEN to that Marty. But I still think Chris needs to find himself a WIFE so that this whole “following” thing will go away. lol

    Not that his music isn’t great, but he does have a huge following of single, christian women. Which is understandable. He is a great guy. But I think the whole celeb thing would die down just a bit, okay ALOT, if he were to marry.

    Just looking out for you Chris ole buddy lol.


  28. Deb said

    I live in Atlanta and my children are young single adults in college. They both have hearts for the Lord but no spiritual fellowship that is true and non-religious…these young people are smart and will have nothing to do with religion….Praise God! They want more and they want REAL,GENUINE! I believe There is a major breakdown of meeting the spiritual needs of this age group here in Atlanta. It has been a prayer of mine and many of my friends who have children in this age bracket that the Lord would bring ‘springs in the dessert'(spiritually speaking). There are many wonderful churches here in Atlanta doing amazing work for God’s kingdom and will continue, but I am truely excited for Louis, Chris, Atlanta and the World (that I’m confident will be effected by this upcoming church plant given the heart of outreach these guys seem to have!)… ‘and they shall know them by their fruits’… These guys need our prayers as they seek God for their lives, their families lives and their future!!!…and I am soooo very excited about this church plant not because of the fame but because of their hearts….especially for our College and career group(Louis and Chris are a Gift to this age group!)!….They are our future leaders……what an investment into Gods Kingdom! Blessings to Louis and his family and everyone else involved….You are in my prayers! ❤

  29. Thomas said

    If you listened to the Passion Podcasts (I’m one of the 40 that listens regularly) you would hear that Atlanta is going to grow by another 2 million people by 2020 according to census figures. Some of the posters above are correct in that there are a number of unchurched people in the Atlanta area just like there are in every city in which we live. There are 100’s of thousands of people living in Atlanta that do not have personal relationships with Jesus Christ. And I would imagine that a lot of the people moving here are from not just the South but all over the country where other religions other than Protestant are the dominant religion and these transplants may have not heard the relationship versus religion aspect of our faith.

    As Deb says in post 29 above one of the biggest areas that many local churches are not providing attention is with the college and young adult (singles/newly married) ministries. I find it encouraging that Louie is going to take his Isaiah 26:8 message to both those who are already Christ followers as well as those who have yet to meet and experience Jesus. Isaiah 26:8 8 Yes, Lord, walking in the way of your truth, we wait eagerly for you, for your name and your reknown are the desires of our souls.

    Best of luck to Louie, Shelly, Chris, Matt (and his wife), Nathan and Christy Nockels. I’ll be praying for all of them.

  30. brian said

    I have no idea why I even read the posts on this site-or why I even post. But I am going to give this another shot to see if I can get a very important point across. Louie and Chris, though annointed men of God, cannot save anyone. Yes they can lead some to God, but not all. It is also our responsibility as christians to lead the lost to God. Don’t leave it up to Louie, Chris and a church they plan to establish.

    First of all, God has NOT given Louie and Chris full permission to build this church yet (I did listen to the podcast), so anything could happen. He may let them, then again He may not. His ways or not our ways, nor His thoughts our thoughts. What we think He may want, may not be what He wants at all.

    Secondly, Atlanta is NOT the only city that is growing at a rapid rate and it is certainly NOT the most unchurched area in the US with lost souls roaming the streets. If there are tons of lost souls in Atlanta, then the christian folks and churches that exist already in that area, have a personal responsibility to reach out to the lost and introduce them to Jesus. Again, don’t wait for Louie and Chris to lead the way. Get out and do your part. Even if God does allow them to build the church, as Louie said, it may not even happen until sometime next year. People are dying everyday. Can the lost wait that long? I don’t think so.

    Thirdly, even if Louie and Chris open up a church in Atlanta does NOT mean that all the lost souls of Atlanta are going to come piling in and give their lives to God. It just doesn’t work that way. Of course some will be drawn in, but not all. This church will NOT be the “saving grace” church where ALL sinners come to repent. If that were the case, then every church in the US should just close their doors and announce to the lost that if they want to give their lives to God, then they need to go to Atlanta and attend the church that Louie and Chris established.

    Fourth, I don’t see that anyone (except for Louie) has referred to this church as being God’s church. All I hear and read is Louie and Chris’ church. It will never be Louie and Chris’church. All is God’s. We need to remember that.

    Fifth point. Wouldn’t it just be surprising to all of us if God did not allow this church to be built and He sent Chris, the Redman’s, the Nockels and all the rest back where they came from, back to their homes and former churches. Not because He did not want the church, but because we all failed a test. That test being that we as a people, as God’s people, put more faith and praise into man than we did into our Savior, Father and King, Jesus Christ. Is it not enough that there are other churches and followers of Jesus Christ in Atlanta? Apparently NOT because from what I have read so far, it seems that only a church that is pastored by Louie and a church that has Chris as it’s worship leader, is the ONLY church that can lead the lost to God. This is sad people.

    But for Louie and Chris. If this is God’s will, and I pray it is, then I am with you all the way. Though my faith and trust is not in you guys, I do have faith and trust that God will work great things through you both. And I will pray that He will use His church (the one you are planning to build), as a powerful, spirit-filled establishment where God’s presence touches the hearts and lives of all who enter it’s doors and where His fire falls upon all in and around. Not because of who you guys are, but because of who He, our God, IS.

    Now, can we all just pray for these guys that God’s will be done and also that each of us will have the strength and courage to do our part in reaching out to the lost and not wait on a church, or others to do it?


  31. brian said

    Oh and one last thing that is very important. Instead of praying for individuals to come to our cities and open churches, perhaps we should be praying for God and His Beautiful Holy Spirit to come and inhabit our cities. Not sure about you, but I would much rather live in a city where God is the main attraction, the celebrity and not man.

    Okay I think I am finished now.

  32. saintlewis said

    Well, Brian… may I suggest that you, and everyone else for that matter, read another THREAD on this blog but this one? It saddens me that of all the important writing that I do on here to further true worship in churches, the one that gets 100-fold more hits is a silly announcement that some brothers in Christ are planting a church. Personally, I originally posted this because I thought it was interesting – our church has many connections to both North Point & Passion, so I have a personal connection to this plant. On top of that, I am a firm supporter of planting new churches, and Atlanta is near & dear to my heart, so I am supportive. That said, there are most definitely more important things to discuss, particularly – if I might say so – on this blog. A good place to start would be digging through the posts listed in “The Best of FOR WHAT IT’S WORTH”. Thanks…

  33. kimist said

    I am thankful for whereever the church is they decide to plant. I know that Louie mentioned at Daytona Student Life Camp that the focus would be the younger generation and it needs that. My generation is tired of the back and forth over music and everything else. We watched the “contemporary” music come into being and would like a church for us that is for us (not that I have anything against hymns but as a music minister’s wife…you can’t please all)! I’m excited and so relieved that his passion is to change my generation! And for those that wished bad things on them…I’m excited for these men of God to step out of the ordinary and make some changes. It’s a change from passion events and because of who they are it will attract many but Louie believe that young people aren’t given enough credit for what they can do! This is about to change…at least in Atlanta!

  34. sarah said

    i am from cincinnati, and have met chris a number of times over the last 8 years. i cannot say that i have ever met a more humble person than he. I am sue that whatever he does, it will be because he is led to do it. As for Louie, has anyone ever heard this man speak? You have to be a great man of faith, with a humbled heart to speak the way that he does. Atlanta, may not be our choice as humans, but it’s not our job to figure out why God wants the church there. He has a plan, and we need to keep the attitude of faith and trust him that no matter what happens, he is in control. God bless them both, their friends, families, and the desires of their hearts. There are many GREAT rewards for a humbled man who listens to God, hense their success. It’s not them- it’s God’s blessing. I think they both know this.

  35. JohnDavid said

    If Atlanta has lost people there that are unreached, then by all means every person who can reach them and is willing to, should be welcomed. The only question I would have is are they being sent out by Northpoint or are they trying to take people from it? That would be crucial to the ethical and Godly process, I think. Otherwise, If car dealerships and resturants exist side by side, why do we resist having churches do the same? Isn’t His mission more important?

  36. Ragnar said

    I just heard about this the other day on the Passion Podcasts that I am catching up with. Louie’s heart for God and the lost is truly humbling. What we will likely find is a church homebase that will continue to be a foundation and a springboard for Passion Conferences and Events to continue as well as a church that will have a core value to reach out to not only Atlanta, but to plant churches in other parts of the US and in the world, all for God’s renown. I am excited to see what will transpire as Louie and his family and friends continue to seek God on this.

  37. coolguy26 said

    I think it is awesome to plant more mega churches in Atlanta. Then we can make Atlanta the first Christian City in the US. I think we should ask all church planters to leave Boston, New York, and the North West to come to Atlanta so we can make it an even bigger hub of Christianity. That would be amazing.

  38. Millie Morris said

    I don’t know if you already have a spot picked out for the Atlanta area, but Lilburn is in desperate need of a GREAT church. Hope you will consider it as you pray.

  39. Brown Vincent said

    I totally agree with melanie about 14 posts up….These guys KNOW what they are doing,…and follow closely to God’s heart….i think its safe to assume they are both feeling called and commissioned to plant a church in atlanta and that is something not to take lightly…..If they are being called by God Almighty, who are we to judge and criticize…and i agree it will likely be a spring board to many other church plants not only domestic but international..who knows!! Maybe they’ll eventually have the financial resources to legitamately fund underground churches in Thailand and China…I think God is doing some awesome things with these guys….and i am excited to see what happens over the next few years..I know Louie has a heart for international missions – so maybe the funding that he would be able to receive from members from ATL will propel finances for international church plants, or places like portland OR and New Orleans LA…I’ve got to believe they’ve thought of all this already and have prayed EXTENSIVELY about it!! I trust their hearts and think its AWESOME,. Go for it fellas.

  40. Steve Sanvi said

    God has this question of location answered. We look forward to serving with you for whatever purpose God has in store for us. Thank you for your faithfulness and you passion. May God continue to Bless your work for His kingdom.

  41. brian said


    we are all ambassadors for God, not just louie and chris. i do not speak out of arrogancy, jealousy or any of the others you have mentioned. i for one would not want to be in the shoes of louie or chris. i have a family who i am blessed to be able to spend my days with. being without them many days out of the year is not something i would want.

    i believe that we have a right to question the motives of any of our leaders and i would hope and do believe that Pastor Matt would agree with that. otherwise many of our leaders would still be stealing from the church, committing adultery, abusing our kids and etc. which i am sure there are many who are still committing these acts because the congregation is afraid to question their leaders.

    in my previous comments i was in no way disrepecting louie or chris. i like them both. but just like others, i don’t understand why all these annointed individuals should be involved in one church and in one city since chris, matt and the nockels were doing great things in the cities where they were living. why should you leave your own garden to tend to someone elses whos is already prospering?

    i am just praying that this church is from God and not just an idea from one man, who i believe has great intentions, but may not be necessarily following God’s plan (not saying that he is not, but it is a question. we can all misinterrupt the plans we think God has. it is human). I am sure God has called Louie to pastor this church, but does he really need chris, matt and the nockels beside him. would it make a difference if louie opened the church and had some unknown name worship band beside him? would it be as successful if chris did not follow along? i guess i dont understand the relationship of the two individuals. why must they do everything together? why cant one be involved in a ministry that does not include the other? since they will each appear in front of God on judgment day as individuals and not as co-workers or buddies. they have done great things together, no doubt but i believe that sometimes you need to separate talents and test the hearts of your congregation to make sure they are God focused and not celebrity focused. too many celebs in one place can definitely be a distraction.

    that is all i have to say concerning this topic. it has already become too much of a focus and distraction and the church has not even begun to open.

    i just wanted to try to explain my previous comments and let everyone know that i am not against louie or chris. but i feel as christians we have the right to question. i am still praying for them all.

  42. brian said

    oops sorry Jason. i misread your comment and somehow and thought it was directed toward me. but anyway i stand by my comments.

    God Bless

  43. celine said

    hey jason, i read ur last post here… I like the points that you came up with. Yes, I believe we have the rights to question our leader’s motives so that we know their directions are right with Word of God. Especially important when we are still living in a ‘man’s world’ . Your question triggered me to ponder abt the question why is louie partnering with chris in church planting and not with some1 else.

    and my question is why not? let’s look at this:

    I came from a cell church. I saw that if 1 cell group is successfully multiplying from 1 to 2..and from 2 to 4.. doesn’t it means more people are impacted with what God is working inside? the cell is growing!! More people found comfort/answers through the cell groups.

    Thus if Louie & Chris is planting a church and can bring more people to Christ, why not the partnership?

    Thus in my opinion, end of the day when we stand before God, it is OUR individual motive why did we do what we do (eg planting church in Georgia, joining this church and leaving the previous one, etc)

    Hmm… =) good discussion topic =)

  44. bert said

    Heard Louie speak tonight as well as Chris leading worship @ an event for Youth Pastors in Birmingham Alabama. They both spoke openly about their future church plant and seemed very excited. I talked with Chris onstage after the service and asked him about potential locations for the plant. He said that a location had not been established and that the Atl connection was in everyone’s conversations based solely on the fact that atlanta is the hub where they are meeting together and praying over this huge decision. They are only meeting in Atlanta now because that is where most of the committee members families live currently, they said that it is not the future location, they are still discerning where to plant.

  45. Jennifer said

    I would just like to say….I’M EXCITED! Oh…and I agree 100% with Melanie and Mark!

  46. Larry said

    In response to Paul, June 4th.

    He writes: Atlanta already has thousands of churches not to mention numerous mega churches, so I am unsure why Louie feels the need to plant in Atlanta. I would be happier for them all if they had decided to plant in New Orleans, Africa or a place that needed church plants. Afterall, that is why Chris and others decided to plant in Austin because it was the most unchurched city in Texas.

    My reply is “Have you spent any time in Atlanta? Believe me, I can tell you that a church that actually would bring in people is very much needed here. Yes, we have a lot of churches here, but I don’t think that those are the people that this new plant is targeting. I refuse to go downtown anymore. The depravity in Atlanta is rampant from the top officials down to the homeless street person. If it takes a high profile name or names to bring in some of them, then so be it. I’m all for it.

    If they decide not to plant in Atlanta, then I wish them well wherever they decide. I am sure that they are praying diligently to make the right decision and God will ultimately help them make that choice. Wherever they end up, they will be a force to be reckoned with and opening day will be a really, really bad day for Satan.

  47. Valerie said

    I have been involved with the Passion Movement for 3 years now and the humility that runs through that organizaion is truly amazing. I’ve never seen anything so high profile that was so humble at the core. The reason for that is the sole focus is to spread Jesus fame (THE CELEBRETY of this ministry) and SERVE this collegiate generation. This cascades down from Louie and the other leaders in that Movement! NOTE: You should check out his book, “I am not, but I know I AM.”

    I have had the opportunity to interact with both Chris and Louie and they are WONDERFUL people and have tremendous hearts for people! The first time I met them, I didn’t feel like I was talking to a celebrety, I felt like I was speaking with a fellow believer in Christ! I am so grateful that they are my brothers in Christ. They are gunuinely humble!!!!! I so admire that about them! They DEFINITELY do NOT see themselves as celebreties! The Apostle Paul had the same perspective about himself. God CERTAINLY does NOT see Louie and Chris as celebreties! God is the one who has given them favor in their ministry and both of them have been sensitive to His leading and guiding in their lives in the past.

    I was in the Phillips arena in Atlanta, GA the last morning of the Passion 07 conference when Louie Giglio announced the vision for the Passion World Tour. At that time, he mentioned that they did not have any details or even know all the names of the cities that would be included in the tour. They were just stepping out in faith as God was leading them and trusting Him to bring the vision for the World Tour to pass. I confidently sensed in my spirit that God was going to do the work and bring the World Tour to pass. It has taken almost 2 years for the details of the World Tour to fall into place and to get that tour on the road. God’s “Perfect” timing!

    I’ve following this vision for the Passion World Tour step by step and Louie and his leaders are very sensitive to the leading of God’s spirit and they patiently wait for God to bring things to pass in His timing and His way, which is their SOLE desire. They do not want to get in the way of what God wants to do and the way God wants to do it. A TREMENDOUS amount of prayer goes into each journey that they have taking so far.

    I live in Minnesota and I want you all to know that on October 21st I will be in Sydney, Australia for the last stop in the Passion World Tour. God has so amazingly arranged for me to physically stand in the completion of that vision. I am COMPLETELY confident in God’s leading and guiding of Louie, Chris and the others who are hearing from God to join them in planting a church. For the past 3 years, I have been reaping the blessing of their obedience to God’s leading in their lives and I love them all for it!!!!! God has so severely impacted my life in the most wonderful ways through their ministry! As a result, God has instructed me to pray for them all on a regular basis and I delight in doing so! I am confident that God will see them through once again! Most importantly, God WILL be glorified in His way and in His time!!!!!!

    Remember, that they are being led by a God who does not need a counselor, nor did he need anyone to teach him anything. He is all knowing and He knows who He has designed for which assignments in life and he my friends IS the “FAMOUS ONE” and the ONLY one who can handle His FAME!!!! God can do amazing things in and through people who “GET” that concept. THESE PEOPLE not only get it, they model it and they believe it with all of their hearts!!!!!!!!

  48. Touray Kungkagam said

    I had the priviledge of seeing Louie and Chris Tomlin in Vancouver B.C. last week for their WORLD PASSION TOUR.

    WOW what an amazing experience. It has totally refreshed my faith. Not because of them, but because of the way God is using their lives.

    I pray that I can impact as many people as they have together. As far as them working together as a team, why not? They get a long well and their personalities seem to compliment one another.

    Speaking of churches. We need some more passionate ministries up here in the Pacific Northwest! Pray for us up here!


  49. Hey Shannon,
    Good post. I’m excited for the guys. There pretty well known so it’s to be expected that they will receive criticism. As long as the gospel is preached and people’s lives are changed in their local context, then I’m behind them. Sure they’ll face some unique challenges, but they’re obviously not letting that stop them.

  50. Ryan said

    I wonder if it’s just going to be like a passion conference every sunday. lol

  51. Malinda said

    Just heard the news today (I know I’m behind) that Chris is moving to Atlanta to plant a church. I live 2 hours from Atlanta and can’t wait to see the birth of this close enough to participate. God Bless!

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