my doubts… His grace…

June 8, 2008

Do you ever feel overwhelmed because of doubt?  Not so much doubt OF ‘the faith’, but LACKING faith and/or trust in God?  Tonight I am aware of my numbing doubts, and repent.  God is good – no, GREAT – and He has our – no, MY – best in mind.  A picture in one’s heart of God’s greatness – His sovereignty & power – does us little good if our heart’s forget that those are tempered with, and shaped by, His goodness and loving-kindness towards us: towards ME.  That is my temptation: not so much to doubt in my mind that He IS, but to doubt in my heart that He is GOOD.  So tonight I lay before him, taking thoughts captive, pushing hard the oars of my heart – directing my eyes towards things for which to be THANKFUL, and stepping back to see what bits of the big picture He has allowed me.  And worship… in Spirit & Truth.

so be it…


One Response to “my doubts… His grace…”

  1. Ryan said

    Very good post. Thanks for this.

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