July 17th, 2004 – a day that changed my life

July 17, 2008

On that day I married my lovely wife, Cyle Augustas.

I personally think it was a change for the better!

Thank you for marrying me, and changing my life – I love you.

Happy anniversary!


2 Responses to “July 17th, 2004 – a day that changed my life”

  1. klampert said

    dude you def. traded up . ha ha congrats

  2. jalex said

    It was worth the long, lonely drive to see your wedding. It’s a pretty groovy thing when a man you really respect and look up to finds a spectacular wife. And you didn’t just find a great wife; her whole family seems somewhat incredible.

    I remember you and Chuck (of all people) saying something like “if God could bless Jason with a great wife, there is definitely hope for me!”. What was that about? I was glad to be an encouragement to you, even indirectly.

    P.S. You spelled marriage incorrectly in the tags.

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