Worship Confessional, St. Simons Community Church 8-3-08

August 10, 2008

I present to you… my first worship confessional… well, actually my second.  I deleted the whole first draft.  I came across as an arrogant, self-centered idiot in it, which rendered me entirely incapable of editing it in iMovie.  This one is better, but still I wonder – will anyone want to watch a 13 minute worship confessional?  I can taste the sinking blog stats now…

By the way, in order to participate in Fred’s ‘Sunday Set-Lists’, the set-list for Sunday was:

WALK IN: Tell the World – Hillsong United
1.  My Savior Lives – New Life Church/Desperation Band
2.  Marvelous Light – Charlie Hall
3.  Lead me to the Cross – Hillsong United
4.  How Great is Our God – Chris Tomlin (w/ How Great Thou Art)
CLOSING: Hosanna – Hillsong United 


10 Responses to “Worship Confessional, St. Simons Community Church 8-3-08”

  1. alex said

    nice job man! good to hear you on the WC!

  2. Bryan said

    Thanks for the video. I know it takes time — but nice to see what you are doing. Great vocals. Is your drummer behind a shield?

  3. Rick said

    Thanks for posting this! Your worship team has a nice sound. How big of a church are you? I like your set.

  4. fmckinnon said

    A great wc .. love the video. Thanks!

  5. Heather B said

    Great WC! Loved the video clips too! Wow, they sound great!! Gonna miss those grads! 🙂

  6. Travis said

    @Bryan – yes, the drummer is behind a shield. I am the TD there and we designed/built that in house. Like/dislike?

  7. That was a stacked set list good sir!

  8. Bryan said

    @Travis – I can’t see if clearly on the video. I always like shields, unless you are in a stadium or outdoor setting for various reasons. Aesthetically shield don’t look great to me, but audio-wise – helps.

  9. Travis said

    @Bryan – Cool man. Yeah, I love shields and despise looking at them. That is why we built ours instead of Clearsonic. Many people in the sanctuary don’t realize the shield is there either. I am actually going to do a blog/theworshipcommunity.com article on how we built ours very simply. It isn’t necessarily cheaper (depending on the project obviously) but it sure looks better and works better for us.

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