Long Belated WORSHIP CONFESSIONAL, July 27th, St. Simons Community Church…

August 26, 2008

This one is a bit different… hope you like.


4 Responses to “Long Belated WORSHIP CONFESSIONAL, July 27th, St. Simons Community Church…”

  1. I’m not gonna lie… I think we sounded great that day and I know I was worshipping God… but how the heck does our congregation as a whole not connect to God and thus chat during music?

  2. saintlewis said

    And you played very well. I think I might have picked a more appropriate first two songs, though – and I may have engaged the room better, as a personal critique. I remember having a helpful conversation with Fred the following week about the need to ‘teach worship’ as we lead – which was also enforced at the WG08 conference, and it’s hard to deny that the response the following week – after taking those things into account – was far stronger… everyone was significantly more engaged.

  3. fmckinnon said

    cool confessional –
    the crowd seemed light during that walk-in, keep in mind, it *IS* a walk-in, they’ve never sang during it, and words aren’t projected … and yeah, probably too mellow for a walkin.

    re: “Everlasting God” .. .again, not really a fast, upbeat song … more of a “eyes closed, hands raised” groove than a “clap and wide eyes”. Plus, you do hear talking, but keep in mind .. the cam is in the sound booth … there is talking there, but also we’re at the back of the room, right where the triple double doors leading in are … people are flowing in, talking to ushers, saying “hi” to people, asking where to sit, etc … not necessarily a bad thing.

    Sounds like you got some good retrospective input!

    For the Kingdom,
    Fred McKinnon

  4. i recognize faces….

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