Worship Songs that Move you…

September 3, 2008

So, not a dissertation today – just a question:

What ‘current’ (defined as you see fit) corporate worship songs move you to worship God the most passionately right now?  Do you have a gem that’s just ‘ripping you up’ currently?  I know that for me, “Let Your Kingdom Come” by Bob Kauflin has been my anthem for quite sometime, the Vineyard’s “All I Have“, & Sov. Grace Music’s “Out of the Depths” have really turned my eyes upward, and I can still – after over a year of using it – hardly get through John Mark McMillian’s “How He Loves” without crying, even if we sing it two services back to back!

What about you?  What songs are really moving you at the moment?


6 Responses to “Worship Songs that Move you…”

  1. Alastair Vance said

    It was “Healer”… 😉

    I’m really digging “Our God Saves” by Paul Baloche right now.

  2. I would have to agree on “Oh How He Loves.” Lately “How Great Is Our God” has been tearing me up when ever I hear it.

  3. Ryan said

    Definitely “Let Your Kingdom Come” and “Out of the Depths” for me. I’m with you on those for sure.

  4. A. said

    Healer has been for me.

    Also, Hosanna — BOTH Paul Baloche’s Hosanna and Brooke Fraser’s, for that matter, both because of the lyrics…

  5. saintlewis said

    Man – just rehearsed last night for our 2nd Night of Worship at SSCC, and I need to add a song to this list: “God of the City”…
    don’t know why it didn’t blow my mind until now, but consider me ‘moved’. Wow.

  6. dorothy (vicar of vibe) said

    “Yahweh (Exalted)” off Chris Tomlin’s newest dc. First heard it Tuesday, bought it Wednesday, had it on repeat on my itunes since.
    We sang it this morning at church and it rocked the house in worship. Amazing.
    In fact, I was setting up the stage set this morning, while the band was rehearsing and they got to “Yahweh”, and I fell to my knees to worship. It’s that good.

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