Happily married, Christian husband & father, originally from Georgetown, Ohio, now in Brunswick, GA (stopped off for a few years in both Athens, OH & Athens, GA). I’ve been blessed with an incredible family: Cyle, my wife is gorgeous, creative, and full of suprises, and my sons, Kenimer and Tucker, are healthy and full of personality. In other words, I’m blessed.

Formerly an Atheist, God got His grip on me around 1991 and I’ve been pursuing Jesus since. Currently I’m the Associate Music Director at St. Simons Community Church, and the worship leader for the Gathering Place. I also lead worship with my wife as Saint Lewis, and teach on worship (both practical aspects, and theology of) as a ministry of Hope Farm, inc.

Good music takes my breath away.

I devour multiple books at a time.

My favorite color is the line that is formed where the dark green treetops touch the deep blue sky on a clear day in late spring.

I am convinced that God is big – no, huge – I’m talking outstandingly beyond our comprehension, and that, if He didn’t let little hints of himself peek through the cracks in our reality, we’d be lost as to even speak of Him.

And Jesus – well – Jesus takes my breath away. Even when my faith is shaken, I return to the person of Jesus and cannot let go of him (or, rather, He won’t let go of me).

I’m still exploring the depths of the Spirit. The journey has just begun.

p.s. – the contents of this blog do not necessarily reflect the opinions or beliefs of the other staff or leadership of St. Simons Community Church.


4 Responses to “About Me: Shannon Lewis”

  1. Peter said

    Just read your review on TPT for Sovereign Grace CD. It is the first time that I have ever read a review of their music. I live in suburban MD, so when we go on vacation from our church, we go to SG. Their worship is amazing, my wife and I lead worship from time to time at our church, and Sovereign Grace is as you said, doctrinally strong, original, etc. Plus, all their music is available on-line – although sometimes they do crazy bridges and transitions, so I have to make it a little more vanilla for our fledgling worship band. Check out Awesome God, thier kids CD, definitely good, as well as most of their other “regular” worship music. The hymns CD is particularly good if you haven’t checked it out. I hope that you have the chance to review more of SG music for the Phantom Tollbooth. I still read the reviews – but sometimes it seems as if they are a little more interested in the indie, band no one has heard of, rather than reviewing Christian music, that no one has heard of.



  2. Peter said

    Also – saw you mentioned John Piper – when we lived in MN, attended church there – if you are ever in the Twin Cities, you must make an effort to attend – such solid teaching and great worship.

  3. Kate Harmon said

    So Matt and I were sitting around tonight listening to our Ipod trying to decide what our favorite Set On Edge song is. Yes, we still listen to them regularly and have since colllege. A few years ago Steve Rieske graciously gave us another CD so we now have two. This was all spurred on by receiving Steve’s latest newsletter and hearing about the loss of his guitar. Very sad. All this Set On Edge talk led to stories of our first meetings with Shannon Lewis and Steve Rieske. Yes, they were memorable 🙂 We knew you were married and now lived in GA, but not much else. Very exciting to see you are still making music to the Glory of God and we seem to enjoy the same faithful saints. Our firstborn is named for Jonathan Edwards. Spurgeon is also a favorite, as is Sovereign Grace Ministries, Sam Storms (overlapped at Wheaton with Matt for a year),Indellible Grace and Piper. Congratulations on the birth of your newest addition. We have two sons as well. We moved from Chicago just a few years ago, where Jeff Brewer was our associate pastor. We still keep in close touch with them. Matt is now the NT prof at Grace Seminary in Winnona Lake, IN. It was fun to catch up on you and your thoughts.
    Matt and Kate (Hudson) Harmon

  4. Shannon,

    I trust you are well. I ran across your blog and really enjoy reading. I was wondering if you would be interested in a little test I am running.

    I am looking for pastors and worship leaders who are bloggers. I am putting together a list and going to send out some free worship music, the occasional email, and exclusive blogger content. There are not strings or expectations. If you like some of the music, and it touches you, maybe you will blog about it. If so, great. If not, that is cool too. Would you be up for something like this? Our goal @ Integrity is to equip the church, and what better way than equipping the pastors and worship leaders.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.
    Stephen Brewster
    Sr. Director of Marketing :: Integrity Label Group
    p. 251.633.9000
    e. stephenb@integinc.com
    b. http://www.thebrewster.wordpress.com

    If interested please respond to: stephenb@integinc.com

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